It’s been a while since I updated the blog in regards to our house progress so Bailey’s Blog-tember prompt is perfect timing! By are by no means “done” (is a house ever really done?), but I’m so happy with how it’s looking!  We’ve decided that we want to love every single piece of furniture and decor we bring into the space, so we are currently working on adding more of those items as we find them! Columbia isn’t really known for it’s shopping opportunities so I’m hoping to spend some quality time at Home Goods in St. Louis soon.

 photo 82593546-04F8-4656-812F-2D18238F35D6_zpsre66vpbk.jpg

When you first come in the front door, this is the room you walk into. By day, this is Chloe’s lair (she can see out the windows perfectly from the couch), and by night you’ll find me curled up with a book on the cushion near the lamp. If you remember, I posted my vision board for this room back in June.

 photo E483D435-10F8-450E-BDEE-6A52083D7168_zpstyqzxotz.jpg

The chair is the newest addition and completely different than what I thought I wanted when I made that vision board. We got it from Target and it’s turned out to be the perfect size for the room. The first one we ordered came with a huge hole in the side and was missing the legs, but after getting that straightened out, we have been super pleased!

 photo 87F34693-0894-4711-8090-84495CB37BD6_zpssqjnah0l.jpg

Behind that is the dining room table. The hallway you see on the left is how you get back to the master bedroom, the extra bedroom/my craft room and the bathroom. Also, a good shot of how well the floors turned out!

 photo 4B2E8CDE-B7DF-4542-A3E6-74DFBA66A342_zpsu91tnj6j.jpg

Here’s our bedroom, complete with Chloe’s Serta Perfect Sleeper. I love the light in here, but the sunrise makes weekends a little rough.

 photo 80F58D9B-4D88-41DF-9997-3FB9B4173F31_zpsfwjkculm.jpg

Across from our bed is the wall with the closet. We don’t have doors so this is how it looks all of the time. Originally, it just had one rail, so we put the closet organizer in the day we moved in and we are so glad we did.

 photo 55859E9A-8B6F-475B-90D7-5A4590F3F49A_zps49ytpdfj.jpg

This is my new diffuser which is sitting on the dresser that Kevin has had since he was a baby.

 photo 11917164-A564-4ED3-A836-AEE64163D682_zpsmttbkzv9.jpg

Chloe followed me from room to room, which is why her and her pawprints are in a few photos. This is her favorite place to hang out when we are at home because it gives her a view both out the window and all the way into the kitchen. This room is currently doubling as a guest bedroom and my craft room. I keep my desk in the closet so I can close the curtains anytime I want to hide my mess (all the time).

 photo 736E5DE4-C8FE-46C2-86D9-429B061E7E71_zpsnsfg1zhf.jpg

This is also a part of that room and one of my favorite things because it houses all of the things that mean the most to me – my completed journals in those wooden bins, books (including my Gone with the Wind collection), my Project Life albums, my records, a couple photos, and my garden.

 photo E3A88740-3ED1-45EA-81FB-B8C36533A4BF_zpsaom7rfru.jpg

When you walk back out from that hallway, you can see the kitchen, stairs, and entryway.

 photo 4BA28F31-CCE0-4880-A729-A4DB148B7E14_zpsk0oo1qux.jpg

My big kitchen sink and the window which looks out to the street. I’d say you can also see the neighbors house, but that isn’t exactly true thanks to their choice of landscaping. I should probably include a picture in my next post just to keep a record of it.

 photo CC01A444-DAED-42DC-A2ED-74ED9289BC1E_zpsmattvw9c.jpg

If you turn 180 degrees, we have a little breakfast bar and more natural light. When our table is opened up to seat 6 people, we move these chairs into the dining room.

 photo 9F64E22F-C9E6-4A43-8108-29E2810C6E37_zpsayarozrn.jpg

Here’s a shot of the kitchen from the stairwell – the big opening really makes this house. The previous homeowners (and now our friends), showed us some pictures of the house before they opened this up and it really does make it a completely different space.

 photo D3051220-1F5D-4895-BE05-9732CF44C4BC_zpsaus8mx3h.jpg

This is our guest bedroom which is directly at the bottom of the stairs. We just have a bed in there for now!

 photo 276030EE-8B30-4453-A402-D2BAFB9E1377_zpsimkqyrtk.jpg

 photo 4FA32BD5-AF8C-4535-BA7D-5F75C9223CFD_zpsjxi99huz.jpg

The built ins at the bottom of the stairs are a work in progress. I keep meaning to go to the library to pick up some of their discarded books to use as decor and give the shelves a more full look. You’ll notice a couple owls and frames I haven’t put real photos in yet. Don’t judge!

 photo F71E396A-BACB-4746-8256-1948DB4258BB_zpszticgg1i.jpg

This is our downstairs living room where we spend quite a bit of time in the evenings! Don’t mind the paw prints on the couch, that was Chloe. Across from this is our TV, where we have been watching VEEP and playing a whole lot of Fibbage with our family and friends.

 photo 81F1AD61-ABAD-4C1F-9EC3-AF8A193E7594_zpsftfifohu.jpg

While this doesn’t exactly give you an idea of the space, this photo is from Kevin’s office which is just off the living room. We recently painted it Urbane Bronze and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out! We are working on getting some shelving and decor hung on the walls, so that Kevin can use it as his battle station.

 photo B602A445-FA2D-41C6-AF33-D9584EA0FA4D_zps9noh8qgw.jpg

Finally I stepped outside to grab the house-front and the beautiful roses – they make me so happy. I’m glad that the previous homeowner explained to me how to take care of them so that they’ll keep growing all summer long.

 photo 44E9CA19-4DB1-42B9-B73E-3593AF3559C5_zpsydepnrsl.jpg

This is by far one of my favorite little spots – I love that there is plenty of room and that the bistro set is just perfect. We love to eat out here and are looking forward to cooler weather so that we can enjoy it more often!

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