Meet our #HighridgeRanch! This cutie was built in 1958 and is the perfect combination of exactly what we were looking for in a home – great location, in our budget, and just the amount of space we were hoping for!

We’ve been praying over this house for almost three months now! It all started when our friends let us know that it was going to be on the market. It felt like we waited and waited but when we finally we saw it pop up online, we made sure to be the first ones to walk through! (Luckily that also made us the first to make an offer!) This was only the second home that we saw, so we decided to see another, newer home that same day. When we got to that house though, all we could do was talk about the other one. It was the longest 24 hours of our life, but thankfully the sellers accepted! After a looong 30 days, the house is finally officially ours!

Thankfully, we have a little time to freshen up the paint and do a couple of small projects before we move in! We cannot be more excited and are looking forward to filling it with all of the people we love and all of the memories we could possibly fit inside! I’ll be posting more pictures soon, so stayed tuned!