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graduate college.

-get a job in my field.

-create e-content to share my passions.

-marry the love of my life

-Read the entire Bible

-Read 1000 books

-Go to every state

-Run a half marathon

-Run a full marathon

-Visit all 7 continents

-graduate college

-have a small business

-Own and train a dog

-Go to Harry Potter world

-See Ellen live

-See Stephen Colbert Live

-Visit Niagara Falls

-Order room service

-Ride in a limo

-Go on a picnic

-Win in Las Vegas

-Photograph the Northern Lights

-See a shooting star

-Take dancing lessons

-Ride in a helicopter 

-Walk on the Golden Gate Bridge

-learn to knit

-finish a cross-stitch quilt

-have a photograph published

-spend a month (or more!) on vacation

-grow plants/herbs in a garden

-learn yoga

-See a play on Broadway

-beach picnic

-Try making all meals for the week on Sunday

-Bake a cheesecake

run 365 miles in 365 days

-finish 21while21.

-Go social media free for an entire week.


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