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It’s the last day of 2016 already? Part of me is not surprised that I’m already writing this post again, but at the same time, part of me is in denial as well. There’s something about the days between Christmas and New Years that always have me in a pensive mood, reflecting on my year. This particular one has been chock-full of blessings and adventures I couldn’t even have dreamed up if I’d tried. I’m thankful to have this space and be digging back through these memories, but I have to admit i’m reluctant to waive goodbye to 2016. Here are some highlights:

Best Pup
 photo 72A74952-00E9-43A1-99FA-9D788CB9ACF5_zpsyynooopz.jpg

Best Husband
 photo IMGP0007_zpswzhsyhzc.jpg

Best Purchase
 photo B602A445-FA2D-41C6-AF33-D9584EA0FA4D_zps9noh8qgw.jpg

Best News – I got a Promotion
 photo 57EB0E97-1379-48DC-BE2A-4F0D0EE597EF_zpshvymi8th.jpeg

Best Family Photo
 photo 4BDB81DF-2140-400C-B4A9-CD3272F3662C_zps8udovltp.jpg

Best Friends
 photo 1B061D66-B4D0-479C-8308-B66AC6C381E1_zpsbyt6fsuo.jpg photo 682D5779-81AA-44DA-B97E-2F84C2F2CAA7_zpskswgczj6.jpg
 photo B372021D-FC97-4F74-B900-5872140D6AFC_zpsujqwprwz.jpg

Best Lunch Date
 photo E4E28499-7AB7-4DB7-91C1-1DEA3EE5E1CB_zpsaljx7p3j.jpg

Best Birthday
 photo 6475DD2F-725C-4222-9965-24BFEB6A3B4B_zpsynfgkkzk.jpg

Best Feet Picture
 photo 97464E24-1BF6-43AF-8377-122B2B7F318A_zpsvewvkouy.jpg

Best Walks with Chloe
 photo EE1D2C1F-A584-493B-B005-8CB662C06F8D_zpsedhwhzhj.jpg

Best Girls’ Weekend
 photo 7958D5EA-69A5-4760-B296-B56EB0D65420_zpsjlhmss8z.jpg

Best word choice for 2016
 photo 0E509366-C6BC-4859-88E5-B2D96FA4D33A_zpssu0fp2ey.jpg

Only a few hours until we’ll be welcoming 2017. What’s on your highlight reel?

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