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Two thousand fifteen has been the best year and best adventure. It was the year I married my best friend. It was the year we rescued our sweet pup. It was the year we made our first big purchase together. As I reflect on this year, I am so thankful for all of the wonderful things that have happened but I am also so excited knowing that we get to continue on this adventure together. Choosing adventure for my One Little Word has been so rewarding in teaching me to be more spontaneous and go-with-the-flow, yet it reminds me that where I am is exactly where I want to be.

Best Choice for Word of the Year
 photo 1C5DFC78-A4D8-4973-9D91-FC9C49FE8EAD_zpsgj9pycij.jpg

Best Way to Sum Up How I feel about Cats after Living with Two
 photo E0736269-E239-4EB4-B947-D82D3395011C_zps6vo3itif.jpg

Best Breakfast
 photo 80BC1EAD-E7A3-407F-A3E8-A2ED73F706C5_zpsmftaw4yj.jpg

Best Day
 photo reape-371_zpssfyxn0c8.jpg

Best Moment
 photo reape-315_zps8xiryo2w.jpg

Best Husband
 photo reape-188_zpshxx1kocl.jpg

Best Dance Move
 photo reape-573_zpsxzxbxy0n.jpg

Best Girlfriends
 photo reape-198_zpsot8zmdfv.jpg

Best Vacation
 photo 62DD3DD4-051B-482E-AB76-BC76F108881B_zpsbhrauaje.jpg

Best Flower
 photo IMGP0001_zpsqcubwjxs.jpg

Best Family Photo
 photo 07313C0F-949B-4AA7-8D2F-50C9EC8981A7_zpsyeyb3mbh.jpg

Best Concert (Billy Joel)
 photo 5E37513E-781D-4CBF-943F-84DC06C08062_zpsfqp4vz8t.jpg

Best Fast Food
 photo 12920996-6B6A-408C-B653-97B5BC37E621_zps7f5mcvk2.jpg

Best Feet Photo
 photo FA951FE5-FCEF-4509-8713-D71B80103EF7_zpsce75kmxi.jpg

Best Continued Hobby
 photo EAC10D7F-1D66-4DD8-BA6A-5AF739BDFE21.png_zpsiayw5blg.jpeg

Best Purchase
 photo 33E2C08B-6B03-4421-AEBB-ADCD7BB4EE37_zpsyicqkazq.jpg

Best Smile
 photo 7C210548-58E8-4F06-90E5-49E63225A914_zpsggvh7kbm.jpg

Best New Tradition
 photo DD52A925-27C0-48B0-9082-7E85864C377F_zpsfdfy3fbe.jpg

Best Family Selfie
 photo C3C8DFBA-918B-4EEC-9FB3-1B625B7A0E9E_zpsb50g7xjo.jpg

Best First Christmas
 photo 88884191-64C4-47A6-8C37-755834C3978F_zps77qoglhr.jpg

Thanks for hanging out and following along with my blog this year. It means so much to me and encourages me to keep writing. If you want to check out my best of 2014 post, you can find it here!

I wish you the very best in the New Year.


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