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The Best New Hobby
 photo 6_zps0784af3a.jpg
The Best Group for St. Patrick’s Day
 photo IMG_1078_zps4a67ee4c.jpg
The Best Old Photo of Us
 photo IMG_1600_zps3729a8f1.jpg
The Best Place
 photo IMG_1661_zps7036eeb6.jpg
The Best #ThrowbackThursday
 photo IMG_1717_zps479d610a.jpg
The Best “Ring Shot”
 photo IMG_1835_zpsb89fcfa6.jpg
The Best Graduation Photobomb
 photo IMG_2926_zps974104fa.jpg
The Best “Best Friends” Photo
 photo IMG_3224_zpsc32363d5.jpg

The Best Family Photo
 photo IMGP0124-001_retouched_zps3b48d715.jpg
The Best Vacation
 photo IMGP0211_zpse66f3141.jpg
The Best Happy Face
 photo IMGP0066_zps3ef28463.jpg
The Best Joy Sighting
 photo IMGP0365_zpsa2dec824.jpg
The Best Flower Photo
 photo IMGP0047_zps87ae36f5.jpg
The Best “We’re Graduating” Photo
 photo IMGP0027_zps79df9926.jpg
(One of) The Best Engagement Photos
 photo reape-211_zps567889bc.jpg
The Best Get Messy Installment
 photo IMG_3544_zpsd4a0d548.jpg
The Best “I Got the Job” Photo
 photo IMG_3042_zpse4a49e3c.jpg

The Best Place to Relax
 photo IMG_1448_zps1e5229e4.jpg
The Best New Shoes
 photo IMG_1396_zpsb3d37579.jpg
The Best Chai + Comapany
 photo IMG_1430_zps16093f0b.jpg
The Best Photo of Friends
 photo IMG_2999_zps0c380921.jpg
The Best Wedding Dress Shopping Crew
 photo IMG_1972_zps8d22273b.jpg
The Best Rivalry
 photo IMG_1503_zpsa3db9fae.jpg
The Best Greenhouse
 photo IMG_1092_zps7ec93d10.jpg
Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!


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