I got this beauty a few weeks ago – it was a secondhand purchase from someone who had never used it. It’s a golden brown Maverick from Chic Sparrow and I am weirdly obsessed with it. I mean, let’s be real, I love all notebooks, but I have a special thing for this one. If you aren’t familiar with these traveler’s notebooks, check out the one I made in my very first post here. I’ve been going down the YouTube worm hole of watching videos on how people set up their notebooks so that I can figure out how I can best utilize this lovely thing (read: use it for everything so I have an excuse to have it with me always). My last traveler’s notebook had two bands and I only kept two notebooks inside of it. This one has four bands and at the moment, I have 5 notebooks, peerless watercolors, and a zippered pouch inside. I could probably fit more, but I really didn’t want to overdo it. Here are the basics of what I keep in my journals.

Faith Journal: This is the journal that I use for everything faith-related. I take it to church, write down my prayers and use it to brainstorm future bible journaling verses and pages. For this, I used a lined Piccadilly journal from Barnes and Noble that I cut down to the right size (8.25″ x 4.5″). I love this one because it has TONS of pages and the lines are perfect. These journals are 3 for $5.99, which is pretty great compared to what some of the notebooks go for online.

Adult Coloring Pages: I bought this amazing notebook from Yellow Paper House on etsy when I found out about the adult coloring pages. I read that coloring before bed can help decrease stress or anxiety. Some people are going all out with their Prismacolor Pencils, but I just stick with the good ole crayola colored pencils and it works just fine for my liking.

Bible in a Year Journal: I just recently found myself in a facebook group that was about reading the bible in a year. I did this a couple of years ago and it was honestly one of the best things that I had ever done for myself. I haven’t had continuous success with Bible reading for a while because for some reason I find it distracting to just start in the middle somewhere, so I thought that now would be the perfect time to jump back into the more regimented reading plan. Each day after I read, I just circle the book and chapters just in case I ever want to go back through in the future with a highlighter or check mark as I read. She left plenty of blank pages and I’ve reserved those for thoughts and prayers related to what I am reading. If you’re interested in joining the facebook group or getting your hands on one of these journals, you can find out more information here.

Notes + Daily Journal: This is my catch all. I use it for everything from podcast notes to my daily journal. I recently came across the Five Minute Journal and I thought that the idea was amazing, so I’ve started to include some of the prompts in my daily writing. I think this has helped me search for the amazing pieces in seemingly mundane days. I also keep a record of my dreams here because they are pretty insane sometimes and it’s always hilarious to go back through and read them. For this journal, I used a trimmed down large Moleskine Cahier and it is perfect.

Art Journal: This is another one from Yellow Paper House and I love it so. It’s just a blank white notebook and the paper is perfect for everything from distress stains to paint and inks of all types. So far this has been working better than the Moleskines that I have used for art journals in the past. Since I’ve been using the traveler’s notebooks, I’ve already filled up 3 of these but I think it’s worth it to preserve memories.

Peerless Watercolors: This is easily one of my favorite things in my notebook, yet I hardly use it. The peerless watercolors have color saturated on one side of a special paper fabric that readily releases when it comes in contact with water. This makes it easy for on the road painting and the aqua brush makes it pretty easy to do whenever and wherever. You can find a similar palette here.

Plastic Pouch: This wraps around one of my notebooks and stores stickers on one side and project life cards and some collected items and tickets on the other. I love having this little to simply throw things in without the worry that they will get bent up or ruined. I found mine here.

Source: The Well Appointed Desk | Jeff Goins

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