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 photo 171B054F-62FF-4C9D-BC44-63963432E659_zps7hxtdkvo.jpgThe first notebook I remember receiving was a gift for my birthday, I think I was four or five and it came with embellishments and glue so I could decorate the outside. I specifically remember having it for a long time before I started using it. When my cousins came in from Scotland, they wrote a note in it for me and I remember how precious it was to me. I had certain markers that I used in it and I kept all my entries behind lock and key. I remember at one point, I was showing my Nana and she reminded me to never write something that I wouldn’t want someone else to read – good advice that some of my middle school friends would have benefitted from.

Up to this point, I have probably used every different type of journal on the market – spiral bound, saddle stitched, handmade, painted books, binder-type journals, online journals, you name it. I hate to admit this, but I often buy a new one before the old one is done and I get so excited to start my new one that I actually glue some of the last pages together so I can get to the next one faster without leaving blank pages.

I normally have a few journals going at a time – to prohibit getting things mixed up. So I have one for church, one for general notes, work and to-dos and then one that is for art journaling. Especially in the last few years, I have found journaling to be a very intentional way of remembering fleeting moments and special events. Sometimes I tell stories or write about events and memories, but sometimes it’s dreams and goals too. I always take a journal to church so that I can record the things that I’m learning or things that are impacting me. Carrying them everywhere was getting to be such a hassle but leaving them at home meant that I had one in each room.  photo 3CEC2E32-8EED-4088-A832-88848EE9D7D1_zpsbw5qh8de.jpgI was watching a video online when I learned about the midori traveler’s notebook inserts. I loved the design, craft cover and size (8.5″ x 4.5″). So naturally, I did what any other person would do. I followed link after link until I got sucked into the deep hole that is googing “Midori Traveler Notebook”. If you’re not familiar, the Traveler’s Notebook is a leather cover that holds multiple journal inserts. It allows you to have a few different journals at one time and it keeps them all in one place, but the best part is that the cover allows them to be easily moved and changed out.

I had one sitting in my amazon cart but before I clicked check out, I decided that I would try to create a larger “faux-dori”  first to see if it would be a good system for me and then I could also use up some of the million cahier moleskines that I already had. (Here’s the tutorial for the regular size, if you’re interested.) But now that those are all getting finished up, I think I’m ready for the real thing.

I’m not going to say that a journal has changed my life, but I can definitely say that it has made me more efficient and more inspired. Being able to easily flip from my to-do list to my art journal and then back to my list of future blog posts helps me to actually execute projects instead of just jotting a note down on a note pad with promise to transfer it, only to lose it forever. I’m excited about the new found inspiration but most of all I’m excited for the future. I can’t wait to look back on stories and on dreams and all the things that filled my life.
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