Pinterest // January 2018 by Jacqueline and Kevin Reape on

sources: jarsplanters | door | bed | weavinggreen plants | blahmacaroons

I love creating vision boards from pinterest images – whether it’s designing a room, putting together a color palette or visualizing my goals for the year, it always turns out to be a favorite project. I love the process of picking out photos and balancing them with other things on the page. In general, I’m a practical pinner – my boards are full of recipes I’ve tried and love, home hacks, and journal inspiration I thumb through when I need a jumping off point.

Because of the pinterest algorithm, this naturally means that I see a lot of the same things, however, when I found the first photo (of the jars) I quickly detoured down a rabbit hole which lead to a new board. I picked out a couple that jumped out or inspired me and started creating a collage. Deciding where they go and moving them around to balance and coordinate is one of the best parts, but what I never expect is how the photos are similar. Seeing them together helps me to realize what types of things are resonating with me and what things I might want to consider as I work on creative endeavors this month. I’m feeling particularly inspired by Caylee Grey (blog & instagram) lately and I see that reflected in some of the photos I’ve chosen that are more feminine and muted in color.

Other themes I’ve noticed: line work, natural materials, contrast, white/blank space, muted spring colors, patterns, leaves, cozy and soft, geometric elements, and femininity.