1. Coffee is one of my favorite smells and least favorite tastes. Each weekday, we wake up to our coffee pot brewing and it always reminds me of airports, which makes every morning happy.
  2. I dabble in way too many hobbies – Traditional Scrapbooking, Project Life, Journaling, Planning, Painting, Decorating, Stamping, Blogging, Bible Journaling, Gardening, Baking, Cooking, Exercising, Photography, Sewing, Crafting…the list goes on and I’m always adding more.
  3. I have blogged at least once a month (but often more) for six years straight.
  4. I married my high school sweetheart, whom I met in fifth grade.
  5.  I’m a classic Leo and ESTJ who also happens to dabble in all the creative things. So that’s confusing.
  6. My favorite travel destinations are St. Lucia and Hawaii, because beaches and warm weather are my jam.
  7. I’d rather listen to Podcasts and YouTube videos instead of music because they make me feel like I’m learning something.
  8. I enjoy reading historical fiction and my all time favorite book is Gone With the Wind.
  9. My favorite color changes every day – today it’s turquoise.
  10. I like nature because it’s perfect even when it’s not and you can find symmetry everywhere. It’s so beautiful and mysterious, which makes photographing it the most interesting.
  11. I don’t have a favorite movie.
  12. I collect stationary and love sending snail mail to my family and friends.
  13. It takes me approximately 32 minutes to get ready in the morning, including taking care of our dog and making the bed.
  14. I didn’t pump gas for the first time until I was 18.
  15. My favorite flowers are easily peonies and the only thing I know about them, other than how beautiful they are, is that they aren’t in season in March.
  16. The last time I wore a full face of make up (ok…more than just mascara) was my wedding day.
  17. I’m terrible at making small decisions like choosing what to eat for dinner but making big decisions like choosing a house or car to buy feels like a breeze.
  18. Relaxing is always on my to-do list.
  19. I’ve visited 38 states.
  20. One time I tried to make a capsule wardrobe with 40 pieces of clothing but I had to stop because I didn’t have that many items.

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