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Nourish | verb [nur-ish] | to supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth; to cherish, foster and keep alive.

Quote: When we nourish ourselves with good people, projects, surroundings, scenery, love, magic, beauty, and self-care, we radiate light into the world and continually sharpen our vision, perception, and clarity all at once. This in turn spreads to other beings which spreads to other beings which spreads to even more. Remember that one tiny drop can raise an ocean. Keep wanting. Desiring. Doing. Breaking in the sweet things. – Victoria Erickson

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Reason Why: As I mentioned in my first post, I had a bit of a hard time choosing this word. After two years of choosing words that were event-focused, I wanted to choose a word that would help me focus on me. I am craving nourishment. I have put self-care on the back burner due to lack of time, energy and effort. I need to slow down and make time for myself and the things that God wants me to make priorities in my life. I am worth it.

Take Action:

Physical – I want to consume nourishing foods, participate in regular exercise and have a regular sleep schedule throughout this year.
Mental – I plan to practice daily journaling and meditation as well as exhaust creative outlets and try new things.
Emotional – I hope to allow myself to welcome feelings and thoughts that are normally pushed aside as well as know when to say no when it comes to taking on more projects.
Relational – I’d like to work on simplifying social media/phone usage, decrease subscription emails, and connect on a deeper level and spend time with family and friends.
Spiritual – This year, I want to read the Bible consistently and complete a six month prayer journal with Kevin.

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The Year Ahead:

MORE nourishment.

MORE slowing down, LESS letting moments pass me by.

MORE deep conversations, LESS technology.

MORE self-care, LESS unreasonable expectations.

MORE grace, LESS impatience.

MORE healthy foods, LESS fast foods.

MORE yoga and meditation.

MORE journaling, LESS bottled up emotions.

LESS worry, anxiety, frustration.

MORE humility, LESS pride.

MORE, MORE, MORE love. For myself and for others.


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