Dear Kevin, yesterday you took me on a surprise date for free ice cream and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed ice cream more. Dear community garden, you make my mornings just a little bit better, even if you aren’t doing so well and I have no idea why. Dear terrible bout of rain, thanks for reminding me how much I love the sunshine. Dear living room windows, thanks for providing light to my favorite spot in the mornings and allowing me to see our beautiful roses. I think you’re my favorite feature of our home. Dear Chloe, you look pitiful when we don’t take you on walks or give you enough peanut butter. I return the favor when you don’t let me hug you. Dear stack of books on my nightstand, I promise that I’m coming for you. I wish the library had a four week check out option instead of just two. Dear hubby, today you told me that a land cruiser is your dream car, I can get on board with that, but only if you choose a white one.

Today I’m linking up with Kristen over at Taz + Belly where lots of friends will be sharing their little letters!