I was asked yesterday if married life is as good as expected. I almost laughed. I had high expectations for enjoying being married to you, but it has far exceeded anything I could have expected and has been such a fun season of life. So here are a few things that I want to remember from the first two months of marriage.

I want to remember sitting at the Harmony breakfast enjoying the breeze and the most amazing pancakes in the entire world. I want to remember the nights you needed to sleep on your other side but still wanted to be close so you backed up until we were touching. I want to remember dreaming about going back to St. Lucia. I want to remember nights on the couch where you played xbox and I crafted (because some things don’t change). I want to remember double date nights.  I want to remember mornings when we turned up the music and danced before work. I want to remember you getting home from a morning run only to sweep the kitchen floor. I want to remember decorating our first place – complete with shelves, pictures and your bike. I want to remember squirrels in the roof. I want to remember learning to understand each other – I now close the shower curtain and you now call the extra bedroom “the craft room”. I want to remember you having more shoes than me. I want to remember rescuing you from the trail after your tire popped and trying to find you through t-mobile’s spotty service. I want to remember being so excited for you to get home and never wanting to get out of the bed in the morning. I want to remember writing thank you cards with you. I want to remember late night drives to find our future house. I want to remember the smell of our room after you leave for work in the morning. I want to remember shopping trips and break time sodas. I want to remember our evenings of sleepy time tea and frozen chocolate covered bananas. I want to remember making insurance and retirement decisions at 23. I want to remember to be selfless and to remind myself that I’m not always right and when I don’t (because sometimes I won’t), that saying sorry is a must. I want to remember the way I feel every time you encourage me with my crafts and blog when I show you before we go to bed. I want to remember the day you became a blues fan. I want to remember the songs you sang to me and all the words you changed to fit my name. I want to remember every single moment of these past two months.

Tonight when I asked you what your favorite memories from the first two months of marriage are, you replied with, “Silly things like grocery shopping and making dinner together. I also love waking up next to you every morning. I’m just so happy that you’re my wife, you know?” Yep. I do, because I feel the same way about you being my husband.

Happy two month anniversary to the love of my life.