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Half of my camera roll is filled up with beautiful sunrises and sunsets from January. It must have something to do with looking for the positives in dreary grey days we’ve been experiencing. These moments have brought me to a fervent worship I haven’t experienced in a long time.

I’m such a routine person and that’s what I tried to capture for Project Life this month. One fun thing about living in an old house is that our bathroom doesn’t have an outlet, so I every day I blow dry my hair in front of a mirror that I lean against my bookshelf. Most of the time, Chloe joins me on the bed. I love capturing things that are boring and “every day” now because I know they won’t always be this way.

My best friend is getting married! When the middle picture popped up on my phone, I screamed. Really loud. I’m so looking forward to September.

Board games are my favorite when we have friends over! This month we played Bananagrams, Jackbox, What Do You Meme?, Utter Nonsense, Code Names and Forbidden Island.

A sweet face waiting in the window. Chloe watches me leave and is almost always waiting for me as I pull up to the house after work. Such happy parts of my day.