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reading // my bible every day this year (ha! good streak going) and all of my favorite blogs. i’m hoping to start paring down the blogs that i read. i’m learning as i go that i like to read ones that are very different from mine.

writing // in my journal and trying to keep track of daily adventures. so far so good.  i have a lot of documenting that i want to do this year. let’s hope i can stick to it.

learning // about street shooting, a type of photography that my uncle is way into. seems really interesting, but so not my style…yet.

eating // random things in my fridge so that i don’t have to go grocery shopping. i’ve been driving back and forth between here and home a lot recently and keeping a stocked fridge basically just turns into throwing everything away.

wondering // how it became january so quickly! woah! didn’t i just graduate?!

adventuring // with kevin. today we went to check out a place that has potential to be our first place together and then we walked a bit of a trail talking about our options. i love how dedicated adventure he already is.

chatting // with best friends over breakfast

wearing // layers on layers because the weather is a joke. hopefully it will get it’s crap together by march.

planning // new projects to decorate our new place! any suggestions on organization or other fun DIYs?

what are you up to? i’d love to hear!


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