CURRENTLY by Jacqueline and Kevin Reape on

Time: 11:01pm

Location: the couch

Feeling: tired of politics already, anyone else?

Loving: the weather the last couple days

Learning: how to prioritize my time and become more efficient

Reading: Restless by Jennie Allen (so good)

Drinking: Very Berry Refreshers

Anticipating: the weekend already, Monday sucked.

Listening: to the Deep Focus spotify playlist

Watching: the Iowa Caucuses

Wearing: Mizzou gear, is it football season yet?

Planning: my Project Life layout for January.

Creating: a notebook just for my One Little Word.

Needing: a 10 hour nights sleep and then to stay in bed all day. #adultingsohard

Photographing: landscape style as much as possible.


How you doin’?