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Counting down days until the wedding…just 19 left to go! Hard to believe we are finally in the teens!

Enjoying having a tv with channels again…it’s been almost five years, guys!

Eating Harold’s doughnuts in Columbia for the first time ever (yum!).

Working on my long list of blog posts ideas that I wrote when I still didn’t have wifi at the new place.

Watching A Young Doctor’s Notebook on Netflix…Kevin and I love it because…Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe (need I say more?).

Loving playing around with gelatos and paint in my journaling bible.

Trying out a 60mm prime lens and absolutely crushing on it…my next big purchase?!

Feeling inspired by this picture and blog post.

Counting the number of projects that I have going on right now (hint…it’s a lot).

Realizing that adventure is going to be the most challenging word yet.

Praying for the end of snowy weather until at least March 7.


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