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Yes to photography. Yes to friends. Yes to memories.

I have been reminded the past few weeks of how thankful I am to be able to use my gifts to glorify God. I have had so many new experiences and I often find that having a camera in front of my face encourages me and challenges me to step outside of my comfort zone. Without these experiences, I wouldn’t have seen some of the greatest emotions unfold. I wouldn’t have captured flowers, smiles and embarrassing moments. I wouldn’t have seen friends nervous about graduation, families excited to have everyone in one place at one time, siblings getting along for the sake of mother’s day, and parents prepared to meet their sweet baby. It’s these things that remind me how fleeting moments are and how quickly we move onto the next phase of life. Capturing these moments leads to time slowed. It means more stories can be told and more memories can be made.

Yes to flowers. Yes to slowing time. Yes to now.


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