Oh this weekend – it was full of time with my Momma, a house full of friends, Pokemon Go, delicious food and Olympic trials for gymnastics.

 photo B640FDF7-EF44-4FA4-8D96-046B92354995_zpsu8xxzylo.jpg

Chloe hanging out in her favorite spot – she can see all the way into the kitchen and the tree with squirrels at the same time.

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Saturday, we went to Les Bourgeois to help our friend Casey celebrate being a part of the Collector’s Series where her beautiful artwork was used on the label of their Merlot.

 photo 6BD04581-DDE6-4808-83CE-8A71E36E451C_zpssdzmtysw.jpg

Of course we had to grab a bottle of our favorite River Boat Red and sit in the shade before we left. The vineyards go on forever and it’s just so beautiful even though it was a bit warm outside.

 photo E0B10D99-37A6-4507-86A4-56E6C5EBB395_zpsofea2qvy.jpg

Of course, we had to document being together and wearing similar dresses!

 photo 02118832-726A-4C28-B970-02AFC23C9155_zpsrkhajjrp.jpg

Sunday morning, my Mom and I made some breakfast for our friends! She makes the best biscuits and gravy (and I’ve been bragging about it) so I had her teach me as she went. Maybe we’ll make brunch a thing more often.

 photo ED212B2C-5660-4DDA-9179-7E4B0B1ADC6F_zps8uo1cd8k.jpg

Tell me that doesn’t look like the best breakfast you’ve ever seen?!

 photo 04594492-906D-4163-8CEA-EC3DE3F7BF43_zps6chjin7v.jpg

This afternoon, I drove the guys around while they played Pokemon Go. Don’t worry, we’re parked at a Poke Stop.

 photo C4637E29-5755-4B77-8808-EF31CF87F85A_zpswduufyap.jpg

My mom and I took Chloe on a 4 mile walk to and from the Dog Park on Saturday morning, so she slept the rest of the weekend. One time we tried to keep her off this couch, but as you can tell, that’s gone out the window (but so has the kennel so I’m ok with that).

 photo 080E1C4F-57EB-4E21-A4C0-42E94B3FC935_zpsolbr9feh.jpg

We wrapped up our Sunday night with a little treat and some US Olympic trials. I cannot wait until they start on August 5th!!!

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