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Last weekend, we spent some time down at the lake to get away and do a little relaxing. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about the lake, even in the winter, that just rejuvenates my soul. Even though we still have plenty of phone service and wifi, I still feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the cars to see trees and deer and stars everywhere just makes it feel so different than home. Also, I can nap anytime I want and get away with it. Then you also have lake time, which basically just means there’s no schedule and you don’t do anything you don’t feel like doing (within reason…I guess).

The trip was planned around a Fall (pub) Crawl happening on Saturday in which we had arranged to have some friends – Alex, Tony, Kevin K. – meet us down there. With life and work being as crazy as it has been in the past few months, Kevin and I decided to take Friday off and spend a little time by ourselves before the rest of the group showed up.

While we were there, I thought it would be fun to talk about what we would do on our favorite day. Neither of us are really dreamers, so it was hard for us to imagine what we could do if money/time/stomach fullness wasn’t an object that stood in our way. We even decided to narrow it down to staying in Columbia to reduce the number of options for travel and food.

Kevin’s response: Cracker Barrel with Tony, Chickfila and then CC City Broiler with me. Probably some Overwatch in between.

Jacqueline’s response: Mom’s biscuits and gravy, shopping, bread co, mani/pedis and massages, receive mail, nap, CC’s City Broiler with Kevin and read my bible before we head to bed early.

Our guess at Chloe’s response: peanut butter, walk, dog park

It’s hilarious how much our days revolved around food.

While we didn’t get to do ALL of these things that Friday, we did get to do some things we loved – waking up together, playing with Chloe, Kevin played Overwatch, I read the Magnolia Journal (seriously guys, best magazine ever), went shopping, ate some delicious food, and hung out with two of our best friends. I’d say for certain that this was a win.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

 photo 8EA54E3E-AD8F-4EE7-A90B-1A84FE6C97E0_zpsuctduh7v.jpg

It’s so fun that the house has wifi now, we brought Kevin’s Xbox and that not only allowed Kevin to play a little bit of Overwatch, but it also allowed us to keep up with the political craziness since it was just a few days before the election. Kevin even moved the chair out so he could make sure he had the perfect view!

 photo 815DCE40-C138-4168-804C-8CA1ACC3F6C6_zpsmjpcdd5b.jpg

Other than needing to be caged while we aren’t at the house, Chloe really loves the lake. When we took her down last summer, we got her to walk into the water. I’m looking forward to doing that again soon, but for the meantime, her and I just hung out on the dock. She was very amused by me trying to remove spider webs by stepping on them and loved when the fish splashed on the top of the water!

 photo 190110A9-A3BD-4EC7-B4A1-6A9BB2622F47_zpsdfdlx3mk.jpg

I don’t think hugs or kennels would be included in Chloe’s favorite day.

 photo 0EC9BA18-E674-4CAB-99AD-29A523B13457_zpssgnpsgid.jpg

And then of course one of the best decor stores on the planet – Evergreen. We managed to get out of there with just a few things that we really loved and were excited to put in our home. After doing the KonMari Method of cleaning earlier this year, both of us are so cautious about things being a perfect fit for our space and style. This is one of those stores where you go in and you’re not really sure what’s for sale and what’s not, so you just assume that everything is. It’s insane and packed and one 180 degree turn could result in about half a dozen things on the floor. Kevin headed back to where they keep the man couches, and lucky for him it didn’t take me more than 20 minutes to be ready to check out. I’m pretty sure the other men back there were jealous.

 photo 1F20D88A-70E4-421F-AE85-751AC9EB5ACD_zpsg672lsmx.jpg

Here’s the crew! This was our first out of six stops on the crawl and it’s also where we decided to grab a bite to eat. Somewhere along the way, Kevin K told a bus full of people that it was my birthday and I spent the next stop hiding from people trying to buy me shots (I was the DD) and doing everything I could from not being pushed on stage with the band.

 photo 39045B10-0463-4503-8F9F-F1C55787BBA9_zps3dfvvzpd.jpg

This was Chloe on Sunday morning waiting for Kevin to wake up. This pup is seriously obsessed with him, but I guess I can understand why – he spoils her rotten!

Of course, we managed to hit up the Imos buffet on the way out of town for the most delicious salad and pizza. This is the ONLY buffet that is actually worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of the famous St. Louis-style¬†provel pizza.

So there it is – a fantastic weekend and one for the books.



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