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Girls Weekend 2016 is in the books and I have to say it was amazing! Here are just some of the reasons I’m thankful for this weekend with my girls!

I’m thankful for three glasses for three college friends that live in three different places in three different seasons of life.

 photo 0056315A-8D10-4308-AB1A-0EF5E55EA8C4_zpsyao0qhns.jpg

I’m thankful for models for my brand new fisheye lens.

 photo 797FAAE5-DED1-40A5-8187-BD0DF5B87FD2_zpszplk9743.jpg

I’m thankful for sneak peeks of my hubby and Chloe at home enjoying the snow.

 photo F8FA4DB6-CF74-408F-B693-B753393AF1DB_zps11ftpocy.jpg

I’m thankful for finding this gem of a bar/restaurant and the staff conveniently seating us upstairs by ourselves.

 photo 7958D5EA-69A5-4760-B296-B56EB0D65420_zpsjlhmss8z.jpg

I’m thankful for tapas (who isn’t?) and good design.

 photo 5E6C871E-FB86-4111-B842-CFD5FC830D92_zpscu7yrtiz.jpg

I’m thankful that they will let me set up the shot even if it means holding their glasses for five minutes and moving so that the colors coordinate right.

 photo 09A6B407-FB5E-4CDB-A6CB-A89FE21B70C3_zpsgal8lwjm.jpg

I’m thankful for tons of laughter and selfie sticks that let us all get in the picture.

 photo 4558A84B-901E-4D9E-8C44-D536A3BAC841_zpsqhhrrsv7.jpg

I’m thankful for a little rest and relaxation and little shops.

 photo 3DBF826F-F879-4732-881B-4DD5D7189DB0_zpsvpcmvd0y.jpg

I’m thankful for the way these two amazing women love me and love each other. There are no words to describe how incredibly blessed I am to have them as role models in my life.

 photo B5115599-62AC-49BB-975A-419000285E34_zpssumldrsx.jpg

I’m thankful for good sushi and even better conversations.

 photo 85B15FF9-00BD-40B8-90B4-AC19ACBE4A2D_zpsukqrmebr.jpg

I’m thankful for taking selfies until we could count at least three that one of us didn’t didn’t hate. #winning

 photo 1B061D66-B4D0-479C-8308-B66AC6C381E1_zpsbyt6fsuo.jpg

 photo F0737806-15F0-478E-B7A3-C14A738DE93B_zpsmccaq6ke.jpg

I’m thankful for two genuine and loving friends who encourage me to be a better person and follower of Jesus.

 photo E7B22CA6-E84A-44F5-AAFE-B5BFAC07C69F_zpsxjbpzd2l.jpg

I’m thankful for being greeted at the door and then cuddling up at home after an amazing weekend (dog hair included).

 photo D232F930-B549-4C94-85D5-C7CBE7DAEAAB_zpsnjqa0ucl.jpg

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well, here’s to a great week! Thanks for reading!


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