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The second annual girls weekend is in the books! It’s one of those weekends that I wait for for so long and then it finally comes and goes in the blink of an eye.

I’m thankful for hosting in Columbia this year. Kevin and I just love having our favorite people over and these two were (obviously) no exception. I got our guest room completed just in the nic of time.

I’m thankful for a half day of work and cozying up at a coffee shop for a couple hours. It’s been a couple years since I enjoyed that.

I’m thankful for delicious food and even better conversation. I’m glad we chat on a regular basis because I couldn’t imagine how long it would take us to catch up if we didn’t.

I’m thankful that these girls got to hang out with some of my post-college friends.

I’m thankful for sleeping in and the most yummy breakfast over conversations we probably never imagined we’d be having. #adulting

I’m thankful for trips around campus with two people whose enthusiasm reminds me to never take being “home” for granted.

I’m thankful for bomb carrot cake and friends who invite my husband to dinner with us.

I’m thankful for good movies that force me to sit still for longer than five minutes and that share a greater story.

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So thankful for these girls and the best weekend.



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