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This Fourth of July was one for the books! Friday after work, a whole group of us drove up to Cole’s family’s house for a weekend at the farm. We went exploring in barns, got chased by cattle, played some Wii Golf, fished, went riding on four wheelers, ate amazing food, and spent quality time with friends. I kind of hate being that person that takes my phone around with me everywhere (even when I have no service to speak of) just so I can use the camera, but it also results in documented memories and photos of friends that make me ridiculously happy.

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The first time we took out the four wheelers, we decided to go driving through the cow pasture, where they surrounded us (apparently looking for food). We were definitely a little freaked out, so we stuck to adventuring through the barns and bridges from then on.

 photo 2866594C-1D72-4DB6-BD49-F3323C7C44C4_zpsc1qnwy1f.jpg

Chloe got to go along for the trip as well! She had a lot of fun playing with the 5 (!!!) other dogs and we practiced having her off leash until I had to chase her through the cow pasture and around cow pies. I’m still thanking my lucky stars that my bare feet made it out of there unscathed.

 photo D75C46AB-2D7A-42B6-AE35-E614F9A88CF5_zpsg1jw9msm.jpg

Kevin caught the biggest fish of the weekend, though I think it’s up for some debate since none of Cole’s fish were ever documented with a picture. The girls went fishing too, which resulted in dogs in the pond and very few (if any?) fish caught.

 photo 6ED57950-BE65-4917-9549-59766D26AB91_zpszppsdlh2.jpg

It rained a good majority of the weekend, which made me want to take all the pictures of the droplets on the flowers and trees. It was the perfect quiet rain that made me want to be in the front porch swing all day and night.

 photo 27400DC6-9DE6-4559-A8F8-933F1E3F719B_zpsjnwcrim6.jpg

We also went to a beautiful bridge where we tried our hand at some group selfies.

 photo ACA45BC1-5C19-4F11-A8EC-AE63FDDF2250_zpser3tnrp9.jpg photo 8047ACA0-1CD0-4DF8-889B-0366B9779B73_zpsumcrrfrh.jpg

We also goofed around trying to reenact the photo the boys had taken the day before…except with water and less mud. photo 682D5779-81AA-44DA-B97E-2F84C2F2CAA7_zpskswgczj6.jpg

Who did it better?

 photo A2F64D5D-AD15-4096-9E38-3912F1E137A1_zpspdgnfklb.jpg

I joked with Kevin about how we always manage to accidentally color coordinate for the Fourth of July, obviously we had to take the obligatory photo.

 photo 271988D0-D302-470C-9234-58AE0F341F6E_zps8rp8jaha.jpg

Abby and Brenn were doing some frog hunting while I did everything possible not to get my shoes any more muddy. (Let’s be honest, I’m a city girl.)

 photo 53693E16-BFD9-4487-8295-CEE919775D10_zps3husskaq.jpg

We went out exploring with three vehicles and this one got a little stuck in the mud since Kevin was following Cole and wasn’t expecting a pond at the top of the hill. Don’t worry, he managed to get it out!

 photo 90CED798-79C3-4842-9E74-3B79FA78EBF4_zpsfjqlxtdc.jpg

These two lead the way!

 photo DAC5C3F5-EAED-4276-91B6-EBDD5FE4E427_zpssdrgv4p5.jpg

Abby, Brenn and I tried to get a group selfie in the ranger, but we hit a bump and I cut myself out of the picture. HA!

I’m planning on making a mini-book out of our adventures, so stay tuned for a flip through of that! Thankfully between the eight of us, we got quite a few great pictures that capture our adventures perfectly! Love love love this group of friends and was so thankful to spend a relaxing weekend away from Columbia.

What did you do for the Fourth of July?

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