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This long weekend was a good one. Kevin and I headed home again.

On Friday night, I found myself here: photo 44E7CEF6-BAB6-4B72-A796-526F8AD48ECD_zpsw05lobyq.jpgOn Saturday, we had a party for my graduation! photo 5E3F0AFA-1CFE-4459-A249-9D41D5D194F3_zps7bcuteqp.jpgKevin and I went to dinner at one of my favorites, 54th Street Grill, on Sunday. photo B9935B31-57B9-4ACA-901B-53778A4A3913_zpsf9dw7p8i.jpgAnd he got some new sunglasses. photo C9A52814-47AF-414E-8BEC-1F25275FB19D_zpsts8elvtz.jpgSparky being cute and kind of posing for the picture…I think he is used to it by now. photo BC606C4E-F6F9-4F0A-B2F8-AD08A72BCDBB_zpsxhdxhddg.jpgOn Monday, I went to Ballpark Village with Kevin and his dad. photo 4C214F0A-805F-48CA-ABD9-5317ADFED291_zpsyuhugc1g.jpg photo A6941B0B-5503-4BE6-B9BD-EE39F5ED80D0_zpsozcvbxjd.jpg photo D44EB926-2906-40BA-A025-E3AC051994AA_zpsjs0xkqn5.jpg photo B9C06102-78EE-46E2-A7F2-B2EC1033645C_zpsihbagwh2.jpg photo EE403639-29E3-4AAF-934D-D428B7E69811_zpsq7oa3oqe.jpg

It was a good weekend. Currently, I am…

thankful for the abundant amount of family time these last couple weekends.

listening to The Walker Remixes on Spotify (thanks to Kevin), the GLOS remix is my favorite.

writing in at least three new moleskines. The size of this one is perfect for my purse.

reading more than I have since beginning college. I’m reading Scarlett (the sequel to Gone with the Wind), for the first time. And of course, I love it so far!

planning for a wedding, project life pages and a Boonville buffet dinner.

walking a lot more, thanks to my new fitbit flex…(more on that later!)

remembering to slow down and thank God for my life as it is right now.






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