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I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Kevin and I headed home the day before Christmas and spent the whole weekend there. We spent lots of quality time with family and I took lots of photos using my new selfie stick. It was a pretty big hit. If you have an issue with selfies, you can {kindly} leave. This was the first year that Kevin and I went to all of each other’s family get togethers on Christmas Day, so needless to say, it was quite busy but absolutely worth it. In about 14 hours, we made it to 6 different houses to celebrate and spend some quality time with 32 of our favorite people. I’m so thankful to be so close to both sides of our family. Here are some shots from Christmas Day!

This is my Dad’s side of the family – I just love how this photo came out. ALSO, my Dad’s first ever selfie. There’s a first for everything!
 photo C3C8DFBA-918B-4EEC-9FB3-1B625B7A0E9E_zpsb50g7xjo.jpg
Merry {first} Christmas from the Reapes! Kevin and I were getting a photo taken of us taking a selfie with the selfie stick.
 photo 88884191-64C4-47A6-8C37-755834C3978F_zps77qoglhr.jpg
 photo F486C5C5-142E-4296-8E74-2C354A38AE0E_zpswomqr2ix.jpg
Everyone wanted to get in on the selfie action. Apparently my aiming skills need some practice.
 photo 8830C88F-52F2-4AC2-9C4C-2AA3830C887D_zpsaepklvvg.jpg
Group shot of the cousins while we are all together. I think this was the best one we got. We couldn’t stop laughing.
 photo E7AC1D6E-9304-446E-B004-C58CCBB51CEB_zps3ongiv7s.jpg
Kevin’s family… the outtakes on this one are historical.
 photo F42E0F8C-5741-4C5B-B669-2E4F9E0B0008_zpsekno0eee.jpg
The weekend after Christmas meant more celebrations and apparently lots of rain.
 photo 6B9F4FC5-84DD-4B47-B48B-1E65794BD82F_zpsunptrezx.jpg
By the time we headed back to Columbia, there were several inches of rain and places where many feet of flooding had caused road closings. We were a little worried about the drive, but heading back to Columbia was no big deal at all, just a bit of rain for the majority of the trip. Here’s a photo from a flooded road that Kevin and I had driven on 48 hours previous to this picture being taken. So scary.
 photo 44021FA3-B5E9-45A7-8BF3-0600E6472AD0_zpsjypfn2dy.jpg
I know that I said this in my Thanksgiving Edition, but I cannot get over how thankful I am to have more than one day off at a time for the holidays. I really took it for granted having lots of time off in college, but after last year, I won’t ever do that again. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to all of the magic that a New Year brings!


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