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Just a glimpse into my weekend:

 photo C7167764-B3E4-4B9D-AC7D-CA4D94CA8679_zpsdt7l0ayk.jpg

I’m thankful for this little face watching me as I leave in the morning.

 photo A12DCCFC-C4D4-4D8B-A2BE-61CF0C2AF875.png_zpsald5n0lg.jpeg

I’m thankful for date night with my hubby.

 photo 24213C8F-BB57-4CD6-BA28-A74FD5503B0E.png_zpsqft8trum.jpeg

I’m thankful for these pretty plants that heal my soul.

 photo 64F266C4-424D-45C6-8194-C451CFF5231D_zpskks3aedj.jpg

I’m thankful for that “r”. Sometimes I accidentally forget my name [in public] and it’s embarrassing.

 photo 0d6ad2cb-e9dd-49bc-a4d0-0d8ce349a578_zps93zvdqpl.png

I’m thankful for words like these that are reminders to see beauty in everything.

 photo EE6398F0-B91C-478C-9598-4492EF227F62_zpsehl9rs9x.jpg

I’m thankful for that first quote that has come up four separate times within about 24 hours. God is all but writing it on a billboard to get my attention.

 photo FAE0A777-7B2E-465E-A2A2-7365F4F7666B_zpsgavd0lrl.jpg

I’m thankful for our Curious Chloe.

 photo 1C62A310-2412-418C-9A1C-07A0AD7FEDA4_zpskisxqpev.jpg

I’m thankful for making my word of the year visible.

 photo 818646F9-71A6-45B8-A246-DFA951786996_zpskwbm5vnc.jpg

I’m thankful for time to try out my new macro lens for my phone.

 photo B618A9E7-94C7-42AB-BDA8-7F976862657D_zpshu0vinpu.jpg

I’m thankful for songs being stuck in my head to show how God is working on my heart.


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