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It’s been a busy (but amazing) weekend over here.
 photo D8A5CF8E-955B-4820-9D4C-724D9B590A01_zpswdffwkrk.jpg

Friday night, we tried out a new local restaurant called Lady & Pint. We had the most ridiculous waitress who told us upfront that the food is amazing, but that the service was bad. I’m not sure if she was talking about herself or what, but she was right. We wrapped the night up talking about cars and reading on the couch, I love it when she wants to snuggle.

 photo 33E2C08B-6B03-4421-AEBB-ADCD7BB4EE37_zpsyicqkazq.jpg

Saturday, we spent the majority of the day at the car dealership. We ended up buying this brand new car – it’s gorgeous and I’m so thankful that the salesman asked if he could take our picture. I’m not doing so great at remembering to ask these days.

 photo 3FCF7CAA-1A6D-4E85-B754-6410DA35CF8B_zpshdvcmyis.jpg

That evening, I took Chloe out to meet the family at my Aunt’s house for a BBQ. She loved the space to roam around and all of the attention, of course.

 photo 8A905188-11C8-4FA5-BCE0-CAA75307543B_zpsbc4bde24.jpg

I’m happy I got this picture of the family around the tree with the pinata. So much fun!

 photo F3AE7C52-048A-4520-8FA0-4FA7C00577A8.png_zpspdfy0vpc.jpeg

My Momma ended up staying in town Saturday night and so we went for a walk on the trail Sunday morning. Couldn’t pass up a photo opp with these huge leaves! I’m so thankful for time with my family this weekend. We are looking forward to a busy week followed by a weekend filled with Halloween festivities.

Have a great week!


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