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A few weeks ago, both of my parents celebrated their 50th birthdays! We got to celebrate with them at a Cardinals game in May and then we celebrated again this weekend with a big group of family and friends.

 photo 742084FF-9100-4619-AB67-A7FF6CA21CF7_zps0gzbuv2j.jpg

Since we live about an hour away, we packed up and headed there after work on Friday. Chloe always knows what’s going on when we start putting her food into portion sized baggies. I don’t think I would necessarily say that Chloe dislikes the car ride, but she is always excited to see her “grandparents” and I can assure you that they are just as excited to see her.

 photo 5B0B10C8-3272-439D-BC5C-6039E86710AE_zpsjds1poqx.jpg

For the party, we celebrated at a place in St. Charles called The Corner Bar. The upstairs is your typical hole in the wall bar and the downstairs a Duck Bowling party room that’s been in business for 141 years. We had fun throwing the softball-sized bowling balls down the lane trying to hit one of the three pins. You can’t tell in this picture, but the bar employs a “pin setter” to set the pins back up, if by chance you knock them down (I rarely did).

 photo 7812E03D-215A-4ABA-8931-35B5B39A3228_zpsqvp7altl.jpg

Here was the scoreboard from the only game that I played. I came in second to last (womp womp), but my team won by 95 points. The scoring rules are basically the same as regular bowling, except that you get three throws per turn.

 photo 9D198B52-5A6E-48E3-8D64-290A07079137_zpsnzm0kcdg.jpg

Of course, no party is complete without a giant pretzel in the shape of whatever you’re celebrating!

 photo 6475DD2F-725C-4222-9965-24BFEB6A3B4B_zpsynfgkkzk.jpg

And finally, I made my parents pose for a picture.

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad, we love you to the moon and back!


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