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Happy Thursday, friends! Here are my words and photos from yesterday.

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6:15am // This morning, I woke up early to get a work out in. My goal for the month is 3 workouts a week and I’ve been doing a pretty good job sticking to that. Clearly, I didn’t stop to get a better photo. Generally during my work outs, I’ll try to get a podcast in or watch some YouTube videos – there are some great spinning videos if you’re looking to boost your workout.

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7:23am // I try to open my Bible and spend time in the word multiple times per week. I have a journaling bible and just write notes or prayers straight into the margins. Today I was inspired by James 1:5 in The Message translation: “If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help.”

Today was a busy day at work with multiple meetings and other fun stuff, so I didn’t grab any pictures.

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4:45pm // The result of not going to the store on Sunday was going to the store on Wednesday. I just had to get a few things to purchase to get us through the rest of the week.

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5:42pm // Chili has been one of our go to meals for the longest time. This is the recipe I use, minus the celery.

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5:52pm // The final product.

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6:48 pm // Our friends Sarah and Cole live right next door and we are sharing a vegetable garden this summer so after dinner and clean up, I headed next door to till the soil.

 photo AF367394-F467-42D5-8E42-723FA4143506_zpsplglvpta.jpg

Sometime while I was working, Sarah snapped this photo of Cole and I. Sarah had already tilled the other bed earlier in the week, so I just took care of that second one. Luckily the soil was in really good shape so I’m feeling pretty confidant about getting some plants in there.

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7:15pm // I think one of the things I’m surprised about the most when I do this project is that time feels a little more real when you’re tracking it this closely. I loved working outside and it felt like I was only out there for 10 minutes, but in reality it was about 30. Here’s the final product.

 photo 57070FB2-BC27-488A-A9F3-AECFD93988DF_zpshqwwcow1.jpg

7:17pm // Two mint plants are already planted and ready to grow.

I spent some time in the evening working on a couple project life spreads. Lately, I’ve been doing project life on a monthly basis, so it’s a treat when it’s time to work on a new page.

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