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I did a lot better with my camera on Tuesday and I felt like I had more time to play around. Check out all the Tuesday goodness.

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7:28am // Kevin and I purchased Apple Watches last year and we absolutely fell in love with them. If I’m not wearing it, I find myself checking my wrist (embarrassing) and constantly wondering the time, date and weather. The face that I use most frequently tells me what my next appointment is, which helps me keep track of all my meetings and important to-dos. (It’s a game changer.)

 photo 8F562693-3118-4E17-8138-692860D8AD7E_zpszwkd82r7.jpg

7:35am // Tuesday mornings, am I right?! Every morning, Chloe will slouch in front of the couch as Kevin and I move around the house getting ready. We’re creatures of habit, so she generally knows our next move and it’s not surprising when she’s looking for pets as Kevin sits on the couch to tie his shoes.

 photo FFD25D6B-DDFB-4F1A-A925-A49F12CBE950_zpsejtqdr3g.jpg

7:36am // As I was taking the photo, I noticed a little dog hair on the couch and felt compelled to snap a picture. Guess what I added to my to-do list?

 photo EA02A746-F44E-4112-ADC6-985C1859BBDB_zpspdvj51wp.jpg

7:58am // The last thing I did before I headed out for the day was make our bed. I absolutely love getting into a made bed and having my home feel “put together” but I can’t help but think one that’s unmade and all ruffled up is more of my thing.

 photo E76E68E4-847F-4FA4-A744-90775511642A_zpsuyu5dcsi.jpg

8:15am // Got to my desk and removed all of my sticky notes and papers so I could snap a picture. The contraption that my computer is sitting on is a sit-to-stand desk that allows me to move it up and down. I generally feel more productive when I’m sitting but it definitely helps to stand when I’m on the phone for long periods of time.

 photo FE0563F8-0C9D-4E6F-B341-52DBF14966BF_zpsxxjc0lxn.jpg

12:10pm // Generally I make a meal plan and grocery list on Sundays to ensure I’m not running to the store every day of the week. I find that if I make a decision day of, we end up going out or spending more money than if I have everything scheduled out ahead of time. Lunches need to be particularly easy because I don’t give myself a lot of time to make decisions or pack lunches in the morning, so a lot of times that means leftovers or sandwiches.

 photo D79A8D48-E20C-40DC-9959-9512906B5A73_zpsddn0bgkr.jpg

5:19pm // Letting out this sweet pup on my way home from work to help friends out.

 photo C8EC4B2C-2743-4769-A657-77505BD3F261_zpsjilhpxyd.jpg

5:40pm // When I arrived home, I had a bit of a welcoming party. Kevin gets home before me most days, so it’s always fun when these two are waiting for me.

 photo 8B04A331-5980-4818-8313-8771B53D94EE_zpstvjf2oaq.jpg

5:52pm // As Kevin fired up the grill for dinner, I grabbed some photos of my peonies. When we moved into the house a year ago, the plants were about the same size that they are in this picture and I was absolutely DYING to know what color they were. This year, I just have the anticipation of them blooming. I can’t wait.

 photo BD489E2B-4758-4B01-BD9B-9E41D28012F5_zpsqa0n0rmc.jpg

5:52pm // Bacon cheeseburgers on the flat top is always a win. Plus two feet pictures in a row and I’m not even sorry about it.

 photo 28F78936-F126-4DEE-A4AC-CB5B1DBA7292_zps5dc0z038.jpg

6:07pm // Dinner is served! We eat at the dinner table every night and spend time chatting about our day over dinner. This is the best way to decompress from work and roll into a good evening.

 photo BB5A4D6E-662C-491F-B566-7F0D0CD7067F_zpsfywe3ydd.jpg

7:14pm // Sam’s Club is basically our favorite store, so we pop in every other week or so. Personally, I love buying in bulk when I can, in order to save a couple bucks and have extra things on hand when we need them. It’s nice to be able to grab an extra pound of beef we’ve already split up as opposed to having to make another trip to the store.

 photo 505A1DAF-38D0-4F0E-B0AE-09A56C1A64D8_zpsuipzi8yq.jpg

7:25pm // Kevin is such a good sport about this project, so he suggested stopping at Andy’s because it would be fun to document. We shared a Snowmonster (vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and melted chocolate chips) with pecans – yum!

 photo B968C4BA-6CF5-44C1-B8DD-C23205B35E8D_zpsgktpeqcq.jpg

7:58pm // This shot is super grainy due to a super high ISO on my camera, but I wanted to grab a photo of us hanging out on the couch before our show came on. Despite the image quality, this photo captures us perfectly.

 photo A635A22D-2226-4FFF-BFED-3F6C1E0F7E7B_zpshkqezzhm.jpg

8:38pm // Better Call Saul (pictured above) and Veep are the two shows that we are currently watching together. I don’t have a high tolerance to sit still, but these two are pretty great.

You can see Monday’s post here. Thanks so much for reading.


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