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By now, I’m feeling the dragging part of this project and I feel myself forgetting to take photos because the excitement is wearing off. I’m trying to finish strong because even now I love the timelessness of this project and how amazing it’s going to be to look back on all of these things in the future. Even though I prefer to be an “in the moment” person, I can’t help but wonder what my Week in the Life is going to look like one, five, or even ten years down the road. I hope I never stop blogging for that reason alone.

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7:24am // It’s Thursday and Chloe is acting like it’s the weekend. I snuggle in bed with her a little longer than I should.

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11:27am // I try to make space in my calendar a few times a week to get away from my screens and jot down ideas, dreams and pain points for my team. This allows me time to brainstorm without distractions and helps me realign and re-prioritize.

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6:35pm // Kevin’s at a work event directly following work, so I make some huevos rancheros and hang out with Chloe on the couch. I’m desperately fighting a nap.

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7:11pm // Swiffering before girls night…Chloe’s inspecting my cleaning job from the bed.

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9:35pm // Some friends came over and we had a ton of fun making marbled cardstock with food coloring and shaving cream. The clean up was easy, but I’m pretty sure my hands will be covered in pink dye forever.

 photo 224C05EA-0E06-4D76-97EF-8E490ED4CF85_zps2knieclf.jpg
10:09pm // Popped on the computer for a quick second before heading to bed.

What did your day look like?


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