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It’s been a long week and my photos are getting fewer, but it’s still fun to put together these posts in an effort to keep track of my life, even though it’s sometimes embarrassing.

Here’s what Saturday looked like:

 photo 809E294B-1750-49AE-BDB0-001B90C5FDC4_zpszlylrxtx.jpg

9:41am // I guess you could say that Saturdays are for sleeping in. As soon as Chloe hears that we are awake, she’s up and wants to go outside. In an effort to stay in bed as long as possible, we call her up to lay in bed with us.

 photo AF10D40A-E85D-4CF1-A288-306166C8E094_zpsik2q71xf.jpg

10:27am // I head out to do some shopping in the morning. This photo has a terrible glare, but I love that Chloe is watching me through the window. Those rose bushes in the front are going to start blooming any day.

When I get home, I spend a couple hours cleaning the house. I’ll spare you the photos.

 photo 49E88816-CC70-4CD2-90B7-B6E61079C552_zpsdniivkyn.jpg

4:23pm // Kevin and I met Tricia and Kyle (and his brother and sister-in-law) out at the winery in the evening. It turned out to be a beautiful day to sit outside and sip on a glass of wine.

 photo 2EF4D3A6-D59C-4B91-BBE2-9FEA7320EA73_zps2ic9ctpf.jpg

6:01pm // Since we were only a few miles away, we decided to hop over to the Katy Trail to check out the Tunnel. It was my first time being there. Kevin grabbed this shot of the group of us. I don’t know if you can tell by my sandals or my huge purse that I wasn’t planning on hiking or walking this trail.

 photo 3FCAD05E-2ABF-4A6D-ABF8-C7AD04ADD24D_zpsu1wipx7l.jpg

I’m so thankful for adventures and friends who ask for feet pictures. She knows me so well.

 photo F16D2198-A2E7-4195-9130-86E5F7E2D82E_zpshwiho2rj.jpg

6:05pm // Luckily, that huge purse was carrying my camera so I was able to get some fun shots of the tunnel. This is in Rocheport, MO and is part of the Katy Trail.

 photo 1002BA09-9CE6-4881-98BB-23DB273DD51F_zpskpvtzhsp.jpg

 photo 153AD9E6-1DD6-4F1E-BF31-911C9A45AD7E_zpswsk9gd9h.jpg

6:18pm // I wasn’t joking about the hiking. There were about 12 steps and then a gravel incline to the top. Luckily, we had a pretty view. Coming down the hill was easily the hardest part and I tripped and fell on the last step of gravel before the stairs…Never fails!

We ended up getting some eats in Rocheport that night and headed back for a quite evening. I spent time working on some projects and blogging and Kevin played a couple games on his computer. I’m glad we both have our “things”.

Thanks for reading.


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