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It’s Monday and I’m following along with Ali Edwards and her Week in a Life project where I will document my week by taking photos of every day moments. I’ve participated in Day in the Life previously, so this will be very similar but just on a bit of a longer scale.

Here’s a peek into my Monday:

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7:19am // I was up and at ’em early today to make sure I had enough time to shower and get ready before work. Generally, I’m the one who stays in bed while Kevin gets ready so this was a welcome change of pace and a great way for me to start off the week.

 photo 3E2D93E8-14C9-4AFD-ADF2-3212A83333C0_zpsyqm6hct4.jpg

7:36am // This past weekend, I finally learned how to diffuse my hair correctly, so I wanted to take advantage of it. This was part of the reason for my earlier-than-normal wake up. I love the bookshelf in the background and all of the goodness that it holds – all of my project life albums, plants and our year books from high school.

 photo CEBA5A37-0AC9-4373-9E6C-49CECF8596AB_zpskdsgxafp.jpg

11:31am // Feelin’ myself with my diffused hair. This jacket is also probably one of my favorite items of clothing, I just love the slouchy feel.

 photo 9F6FE6D2-66EE-452A-AD37-1F6DE1708FC6_zpspwpvidjx.jpg

11:50am // I grabbed a sandwich for lunch from our local grocery store. They have a deli that makes the sandwiches on the spot and they are delicious (and way cheap). This one has chicken, lettuce and deli mustard. I bring my lunch to work daily, but we didn’t make our usual grocery run on Sunday, which left our fridge a little empty.

 photo A557D021-ED98-4B27-AD33-41E5F7126047_zpsdlthzpjr.jpg

5:15pm // I say hey to Kevin and Chloe while switching out cars before heading to Alex and Tony’s house to help paint. It’s about a 30 minute drive, so I don’t plan on being home until late. I love this face.

 photo 2C655B08-D31C-431F-8048-6C94979B245A_zpsl3sxycne.jpg

6:30pm // Here’s their new digs. Painting is one of my favorite things (am I crazy?) so I’m happy I got to help! I’ve been itching for a project so this helped hold me over until our busy May comes and goes.

I’ll be posting every day this week, so you can check those out by clicking here. Thanks for reading!


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