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Friday, Friday, Friday – I’m glad to see you again. I was talking with friends about how fast this week flew by and simultaneously, how old I feel like I’m getting. It’s weird when you look back at your life and realize it’s been 3 years since college graduation. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? Sometimes my days just feel like a cycle of sleeping, working and squeezing in a few hours of my favorite things here and there. I’m ok with that.

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7:44am // It’s a chilly morning and I can hardly get Chloe in the house so that I can leave for work. We must have done good by her when it came to picking out a backyard, because she sure does love being out there. Sometimes I forget that we had to take her out on a leash at the apartment…so maybe I should revise that to say we all love the backyard.

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8:15am // I arrive at work and am ready to go for the day. Notice my camera tucked away in my bag.

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Kevin sent me this picture during the day of our baby grass growing. We had a couple of bare spots in the lawn and Kevin has been seeding and watering to get those growing.

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5:00pm // We meet A + T and spend most of our evening helping them move. Even though we are happy to help, we are really going to miss having them so close.

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10:45pm // Snoozing on the couch before we head to bed.

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