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 photo TheSunniesLookBook_zps698f8f6a.pngThere is so much hype with wedding dresses – you go on pinterest and there are thousands of options and then thousands more modifications that you can make to those thousand options. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve spent a lot of time watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, where people go on the show to pick out their wedding gown and spend thousands and thousands of dollars. So, I guess that’s where I started. I chose a price point. The amount I wanted to spend was a little under my parent’s budget and they were paying for it, but I just kept thinking about how silly it is to spend so much money on something that you would only wear one time.

I had a few friends who had purchased their dresses at David’s bridal, so that’s where I started. I called to make an appointment and they told me that if I went online, I could save some dresses to my favorites and then those dresses would be hanging up for me when I got to the salon. I went online and looked through every single dress. But there was one that I actually took the time to call my mom to tell her it was T H E  O N E. I just knew it would be good with my body type and it was simple, classic, and just perfect.

When I went to the salon, I purposefully saved that dress for last. Weirdly, all of my entourage (my Mom, Grandma, and Denise) all cried at a dress that I didn’t like (HA!). Too much beading and tulle and sleeves. BUT when I put this one on, I knew it was the one. AND IT HAS POCKETS YOU GUYS! I wanted to buy it right then and there.

 photo 5f19c07d-47c9-4a3e-bfb5-01b31f6c9570_zpsy3jeyoyg.png

 photo 85AE8223-3D2F-4B3C-89DF-E24A6409BA0A_zps3a7m8m6b.jpg

My Mom really wanted me to check out another place – a boutique in St. Louis. I obliged because you only do this once in your life and I wanted to make sure it was everything I wanted. But with each dress I tried on, I compared it to the favorite. I hear this is how you really know you should buy it.

 photo IMG_1972_zps8d22273b.jpg

 photo 5195c82b-51f8-4175-9d0c-4b6982b72640_zpsim3vtkg8.png

So, back to David’s Bridal to make the purchase. ISN’T IT GORGEOUS? (I’m biased.) I ended up going with a “soft white” color (instead of the stark white pictured above) so that I could pair it with my pearl necklace – the one Kevin gave me for Christmas the year before. I knew it would be perfect but I was debating earrings and shoes – I didn’t want anything to flashy since there was no beading on the dress. BUT for Christmas Eric ended up giving me the perfect pearl earrings that matched the necklace.

 photo 38F60011-97DB-46EB-9554-216A1BD86F81_zpss4lttewj.jpg

As far as shoes, I ended up going with some leopard print wedges. They were perfectly sassy and are definitely something that I will be wearing again! I don’t have a picture of them now but I know my photographer got some!

 photo A7186A5C-F38D-499E-93BB-870D83894075_zpsignsswra.jpg

Looking back, I’m really glad that I went with a dress in the price range that I did. Before the ceremony when we were taking photos my dress got quite a bit of mud / muddy water on the hem in the back. My lovely bridesmaids and some of the groomsmen we’re going at it with a tide pen (that’s how you know you picked the right people to be in the bridal party) but it was still dirty for the rest of the day and there is no way professional cleaners will be able to get it out either. You’re probably thinking “I bet it wasn’t noticeable” but I had at least 3 people comment on it and those were only the people with enough guts to tell the bride she didn’t look her best, ya know? My plan now is to donate my dress. There are quite a few awesome places that take dresses and cut them up to make christening dresses or give them to people who cannot afford a dress. How cool is that?

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