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While Kevin and I are enjoying our honeymoon and staying un-plugged, I thought I would keep the blog going with a few pre-scheduled posts! See ya’ll next week!

One thing that my Mom and I didn’t necessarily see eye to eye on for the wedding were the programs. I thought it was a waste of money and mom thought it was necessary. So the best thing to do in that situation is compromise, amirite?! So, I took over, trying to make them as affordable as possible, yet still maintaining the classy look we were going for.
 photo 6A27B09A-20A0-43CF-B216-3B19D3B14684_zpsqvvmr0uw.jpg
So! I first started by looking around on big-name websites where we had our save the dates and invitations printed. In my opinion, they were break-the-budget expensive, so I turned to pinterest. I looked for something reasonable and found some links to etsy sites that claimed the programs would be DIY-style. I liked the sound of that. So I did a little searching and came across this shop, where I found this template that had the same scroll design as the invites. I purchased it and immediately received the file where I could download the template as a word document.
 photo FA1E8543-9A24-4B2B-8933-8D389740FCC4_zpstbmxmf57.jpg
After talking with my mom and our pastor, I changed and moved around the information so that it had all of the necessary information and was one-sided, yet not too cramped. I then printed to my local Office Depot (using 110lb white paper) and they were ready to pick up about an hour later. The only downside to this process was that I had to cut them out, which wasn’t too bad at all!

The total for all 220 programs was right around $25, can’t beat that!


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