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how we met: my big sister for Phi Lamb + roomie for half of college

favorite memories: living across the hall + staying up extra late talking about random things.

why i love her: Taylor has the sweetest personality of any person I have ever met. We are complete opposites, but we agree on the things that count: Jesus, coffee shops and good conversation. Taylor is super loving and has been a great role model of what it looks like to be a woman of God.


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how we met: I offered to give her a ride to one of the events that we were going to during Phi Lamb rush. We chatted the whole way and became QUICK friends.

favorite memories: chatting over chai at VB Chocolate Bar + checking out the bird’s nest (slash getting dive bombed by birds) at the crossing

why i love her: B is one of the most loyal friends, i can call her day or night and she will be there for me in a heartbeat even at 7 hours away. Brittany is always up for any new thing and was always willing to hop in the car with me to head to st. louis for the weekend during college.


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how we met: we met through Missio Dei and we lived together for half of college and then some.

favorite memories: hiking at the pinnacles + being literal sharing-a-room-roomies

why i love her: Tricia is easily the most competitive person that i know, which is how we became friends so quickly, this girl stops for nothing. she is intentional in everything she does and she always has the kingdom work at the forefront of her mind. I can’t even tell you how often we stay up talking into the middle of the night.


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how we met: Alex and I met through Phi Lamb and now she is married to Kevin’s best friend Tony! I have to say there is nothing better than having your friends marry each other.

favorite memories: bachelorette party + double dates

why i love her: I really admire her down to earth attitude, I think this might be why we get along so well. This girl has a heart for the Lord and I absolutely love talking with her about anything and everything. We both have a love for books and the St. Louis blues.


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how we met: We met through Missio Dei through Amy and Tricia.

favorite memories: going to breakfast at Lucy’s + shopping at the thrift store for five hours (ha!)

why i love her: we could (and often do) talk for hours! She is the life of the party but is always willing to sit down and ask the hard emotional questions. She is a wonderful listener and totally understands how I feel about something before I know I’m feeling it – I have no clue how she does it. We have spent SO much time talking, laughing and drinking – and it’s awesome.

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I’m pretty excited because I have the absolute best ladies to stand up next to me on my wedding day.


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