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I am overwhelmed. That’s basically the only thing that I can think to say that kind-of-partially covers how I feel about all of the love and support from our family and friends. Of course we are thankful for amazing gifts that will help us get started (and possibly last 25 years) but even more, we are thankful for every single person who loves us, supports us and is excited for us.

Our family and friends threw fantastic showers and I have seriously enjoyed every second of girl time and wedding talk that ensued. I’m missing tons of pictures from my DSLR, but here are the ones that I have on my phone. photo AF2AE0E9-2AE5-4360-AEB9-C072CCE30214.png_zps3vpb8nly.jpeg

My sweet bridesmaids. There really is nothing like having all of your best friends in one place at one time.

 photo 7CDBA2AA-D503-4CB7-9C82-CB85E4507F48_zpsfbwafzq5.jpg

The ladies on my Momma’s side of the family.

 photo 8068F023-1FF8-4363-95A1-9DD688F5389D_zpsr7cms9me.jpg

My almost Mother in Law!

 photo CBF3DCCC-62A9-4C42-8911-C1358110C300_zps3klhuehw.jpg

Dad’s side + my Momma

 photo 914C76A1-E38A-4456-936D-AD63E16E0434_zpsdkwbpix3.jpg

Kevin’s Dad’s side!

I am so thankful for all of these ladies!


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