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Christmas is right around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to DIY Christmas gifts. Throughout the year, I keep a pinboard of my favorite gift ideas so when the holidays come rolling around, I’m ready to go. The best thing about these are that they’ve been done before, which means step by step instructions for you – booya! I love giving DIY gifts, because even if they don’t cost a lot money, the time and effort you spend can really show your friends and family how much they mean to you! Check out some of my favorite ideas that you can make this year!

 photo DIY BAG_zpsfvlpd07a.jpg

1. The Dip Dye Shopper Bag – I love this because it’s simple and only requires one color of dye and whatever fabric tote you decide to use. Great for a friend and it can even be more personalized with a paint pen, sharpie or stitching.

 photo table_zpstvfasmnf.jpg

2. The Nightstand – Believe it or not, I actually made a matching set of these for Kevin for Christmas last year. Of course, this one requires you to actually have an idea of where the recipient would put it but I loved the idea of making something that was going to go in our bed room. The absolute best part about this is that if you buy the wood at Home Depot or Lowes they will actually cut the wood down to the sizes that you need. I just went in and gave them exact measurements and they happily obligated – no saw necessary. You will need a power drill though.

 photo photo holder_zpsokdjgbim.jpg

3. Photo Display – This DIY is super easy and not to mention, extremely inexpensive. It costs $3 to make. Cats outta the bag, I made this one for my parents and mother-in-law last year for Christmas! I love that creating something out of raw materials makes a gift so much more meaningful and worth more. For this one, I decided not to use the printables for the front piece, but instead just used a stencil and paint. I filled them with pictures of the family and instant memories, love it!

 photo DIY_Party_Tray_zps1baea6zd.jpg

4. Chalkboard Serving Tray – This one is the bomb because gifts + food = my favorite combo. I made this one for the parents two years ago for Christmas. Instead of buying a piece of wood like she did in the tutorial, I just bought a pre-cut wood oval from Michaels. I painted it with chalkboard paint and then bought a few little microwave/oven/dishwasher safe bowls to put on top, and wah-la! In case you’re wondering, I found that it wasn’t the safest idea to serve food directly from the chalkboard paint.

 photo yellow_zpso3yaozxw.jpg

5. A Box of Sunshine – I love a good themed gift. This one isn’t necessarily Christmas related, but you could changed that! Instead of sending a box of all things yellow, send green and red instead! Better yet, choose a different theme. One year, I went for a manicure theme. I went to Hobby Lobby, bought cute glass jars and filled them up with nail polish, files, a small bottle of nail polish remover, cotton balls and lotion in colors that I thought best suited the recipient. A small, relatively inexpensive gift that was still thoughtful.

 photo diy-scratch-off-cards_zpskvyc6ath.jpg

6. Scratch Offs – A few years ago, Kevin gave me a coupon-style book full of dates to redeem throughout the year and it was one of my all-time favorite gifts because he really spent time thinking about each coupon and he put it all together in book format. This is a twist on that – give them three options and let them choose at random by creating a scratch off card. Or you could take it to a whole other level and when they want to redeem one, they scratch it off and it determines where you go! Pretty nifty and spontaneous!

 photo sugar-scrub_zpsyktffrth.jpg

7. Gifts related to relaxation? CHECK! Bath bombs. Sugar Scrub. Beard oil. Lip Balm. The options are endless.

 photo palletwine_zpscwfctzxu.jpg

8. Pallet Wine Rack – I made something similar a few years ago for Kevin right after we turned 21. I loved the idea of storing alcohol in a classy way and wanted something that we could use forever! Just be careful about using pallet wood though, there can be pesticides, mold and other nasty stuff lurking if you don’t know where the pallet came from, so I ended up just buying fresh wood and distressing it myself. Turned out great – and we still use it!

 photo mug_zpssczdxvai.jpg

9. Mug – I’m all about a good DIY Sharpie mug..BUT THIS. This deserves all of the praise hands and heart-eyed emojis.

10. I don’t know how DIY this is, but giving simple gifts such as sporting event tickets, massage gift certificates and other experience-related gifts can be super thoughtful and allow the recipient to make their own memories.

I hope this helps you check some items off your Christmas to-buy list this year! xoxo Jacqueline

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