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 photo A89811CD-36F9-435F-9FCF-494C9EC1889E_zpsyfygqejl.jpgIt’s been a while since we’ve done a taste of Columbia – mostly because old habits die hard and we don’t like change. But I’m so glad we mixed it up because now we have a new go-to for Chinese. Not that we had one before. This place has a pretty amazing lunch menu – it’s cheap and includes plenty of food. photo 142144EC-A939-4177-A61C-D963D00BEEB4_zpsgpp7svct.jpgIt’s right in the middle of Broadway in downtown Columbia, MO, but it may be a little hard to find because you have to go up these stairs to get to it. The first time Kevin and I went, it was about 11:30 on a Saturday morning. We walked up the stairs and into the restaurant only to find it completely empty. They insisted it was open and sat us at a table near a window. photo 2BAF0A69-FFF1-4D21-9493-FEF06AA3AE68_zps8vypsyfx.jpg photo 79CF4A54-7656-4D93-B9ED-8578AF09E0DC_zpstdl2jyiz.jpgKevin and I both got the lunch portion which includes soup, entree + rice, and crab rangoon or egg roll. We give Formosa 3 stars – Kevin says all the stars are for the food because the atmosphere and cleanliness leave something to be desired. I hear they have quick delivery though, so maybe we can change that! photo 2906010E-D789-43E8-B098-ACF0615424AA_zps0hfbmcnc.jpgI would say more, but I think the pictures do it justice. If you’re in town and end up checking it out, I would love to hear what you think!


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