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Over the weekend, Kevin and I had the opportunity to check out the annual Roots n Blues festival that takes place in Columbia. It took place at Stephen’s Lake Park and it included three days of live bands, tons of cool art work, costumes, and yummy food. Neither Kevin or I had ever been, so we decided to check it out.

 photo IMG_8902_zpsc5693706.jpg

It was a pretty long walk to the park from Kevin’s car, but we managed. photo IMG_8903_zps1bb13fed.jpg photo IMG_8906_zpsc56806a5.jpg photo IMG_8909_zps23ecc47d.jpg

There were some decorated Tigers that different artists had painted, and you could donate to the charity that the sponsor had chosen. This was my favorite one. photo IMG_8912_zpsbc3c110b.jpg photo IMG_8917_zps59e0af29.jpg photo IMG_8920_zpsf8542e60.jpg

On the way back, we decided to try to find a shorter route. It ended up involving chiggers and being longer but it was worth the adventure.  photo IMG_8926_zps523e6c90.jpg photo IMG_8935_zpsb3cef323.jpg


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