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Apparently I’m making series-style posts a thing here this year because this is the second post in my series of working through the Psalms. It feels positive to be a month and a half in and still making this project a priority. That’s not to say that I haven’t missed a day here or doubled up there, but it has been a good practice in slowing down and making time for something that it important. I know I mentioned this in the first post of the series, but I just can’t shake it. God is doing a number on my heart.

 photo 1BE8FA79-E42A-4FD8-8911-B7C629A09DDD_zpstfp2itis.jpg

As I completed days 7 & 8, I realized that in the grand scheme of things, the extent to which I’m decorating my bible doesn’t affect my faith journey or what I’ll retain. As I reflect back in the coming months, I want to remember that God’s word is already good. It doesn’t need to be over embellished for God to get through to me. I want to remind us that the importance is NOT how pretty our pages are but how fulfilling our worship and time with God are during the process. photo BAC951B1-3B10-42B9-8303-CB7BDB698A50_zpsds5wsycr.jpg

Sometimes you hear the right thing at the right time, that’s what Psalms 9 and 10 were for me.

 photo 34F92DC8-0840-40B5-8F84-ADE30881CD2A_zpspd4gf1gz.jpg

Just like other books in the bible, there are times when certain Psalms just don’t speak to me right away. I take this opportunity to check out other resources and commentaries to see what things might be picked up from context clues or time period hints that I might not be picking up on. I LOVE the Old Testament but sometimes I just get so confused trying to track down cross references so this really helps me learn more than I could have at face value.

 photo 8F8C566E-0FB7-4096-9BE4-25B74DC98A2B_zps6lunxhje.jpg

I had some major issues with days 13-16 because in my bible, they were all on the same page. It’s crazy that I allowed something so simple to hold up my bible reading/worship practice. Learning from this and (slowly but surely) moving forward.

 photo 0A9C2F5B-8009-48C3-ACC4-E6A09ACC3B3D_zpsdib7xu44.jpg

I love that this project is as intense (or not!) as you want it to be. Some days (like 7-10 above) words are all I want to write just to keep going to keep learning and studying, yet for day 18 I was able to try a new technique with some mesh and paint to create a fun background. Again, it’s the process that’s important. photo EF25651D-4DD9-47D2-9E3F-0A262E32E44C_zpsuoyibmen.jpg

The toughest part for me is to visually connect an entire spread, especially when there are multiple chapters on a page. Even though this has been challenging, I love that it has allowed me to pull out and use some of my old supplies that I’ve been holding on to forever. I’m so looking forward to flipping back through these pages when I complete all 150 Psalms.


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