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It’s been about six months since my last plant post. And there’s a good reason for that. CATS. Last summer, Tricia and I got a couple of new roommates and one of them had cats. I have to admit, I’ve never been a cat person and I was excited at the chance for them to redeem themselves. HA! I mean how can you not love soft, cuddly cats who can randomly open doors, eat the leaves off your plants and then proceed to dig them up and eat the roots? UH…ME.
 photo E0736269-E239-4EB4-B947-D82D3395011C_zps6vo3itif.jpgBut SOMEHOW I still had some plants that I kept in the family room (which of course they had full access to), for lack of better place. The succulents had almost made it the entire time I lived there but while we were one the honeymoon (YES, I KNOW, LIKE WITHIN A WEEK OF ME PICKING THEM UP) one of the cats jumped on my table and knocked the whole thing over. All plants trashed and pots broken.


So, Kevin encouraged me to get some new ones and start over. And I chose a hyacinth. It’s so pretty and smells lovely.

 photo 969F5C69-2587-4E61-965C-548D1D420020_zpsoxplhafc.jpgI choose this plant for a couple reasons including 1) it’s a houseplant, 2) it was on my Flower Power database and 3) it was cute and already potted. When I got home, I did a bit more research and found out that they are sometimes associated with re-birth and that they are often used as a table setting for the Persian New Year, Nowruz. My friend Emilia also says they are good luck, so here’s to me keeping it alive.



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