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Thrive | September Goals

Thrive | September Goals

September is here and it’s bringing all of my favorite things – football games, nicer weather, and all of the pumpkin flavored things. For the first time this year, August actually felt the length it was meant to be. We had a lot going on including multiple weekends out of town, so it will be nice to stick around town this month. Mizzou’s plays three weekends in a row at home during September, so we are looking forward to all of the excitement that brings. Kevin has been to every home game but one in the past seven years and I’ve been to almost as many, if that gives you any idea of how seriously we take our Tigers.

August was full of being absolutely spoiled my my family and friends. I’m coming at you from a new computer and have some fancy headphones to match, thanks to my thoughtful hubby. Speaking of, we went on our first photoshoot together, which was a total blast. I’m looking forward to a lot more dates like this in the future and I’ll definitely get around to sharing some more photos soon.

On the Blog In August:

August Goals Recap:


  • Celebrate turning 26 – Turning 26 was so much easier for me than turning 25 was. I was spoiled rotten and celebrated myself by making my annual birthday cheesecake.
  • Schedule a hair cut with a new stylist – This was a fiasco and I ended up getting my haircut by the same stylist I’ve been going to for the past two years. It turned out just fine, but maybe I’ll get to try someone new in the future.
  • Read Artist’s Way and complete challenges – Done and still keeping up with morning pages on a regular basis. I’m glad to be putting some of these practices into my life.
  • Send two cards using the INK app – Dang, I really wish I would have done this. I’m adding it again for September.


  • 8 Hours of sleep each night – Since I was being intentional this month, I did a LOT better on this than I normally do.
  • Low FODMAP foods – I mentioned last month that my doctor suggested the low FOD MAP diet for me. I did a lot better eating this way but I’m trying to do even better in September.
  • Journal – Straight up knocked it out of the park.
  • Workouts – I’m proud of what I did but am looking to ramp that up with more walks and outdoor runs in September.
  • Oils – Done and done!

September Goals


  • Celebrate 8 (!!!) years with Kevin
  • Take photos at my family’s annual golf tournament
  • Get my passport – I’ve been meaning to update this since we got married, but haven’t gotten around to it. This needs to happen this month.
  • Schedule another photo shoot with Kevin
  • Send some thank you and encouragement cards – Hand written cards are my favorites but like I mentioned above, I didn’t quite get to the INK ones from last month so I want to incorporate a couple of those as well.


  • Move my body + Quiet Time + Essential Oils


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