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 photo IMGP0036_zpsczi6xgtg.jpgIn the past, I have been hesitant to post about my One Little Word (OLW) process because I wasn’t using the same format everyone else taking the class was (OR ANY FORMAT, for that matter) to document my journey with my words. I had typically just written some things down on the worksheets given in the class and put them in a page protector at the beginning of my Project Life binder. For some reason, buying another large binder just seemed daunting. (*Sidenote: I was just telling someone the other day that I never thought of the implications of my project life binders, I now have 4 HUGE 12″ x 12″ binders hanging around with no place to be displayed…what am I going to do in 20 years when I have 25 binders?!) ANYWAYS. I knew adventure was going to be big for me and with the last couple years’ words getting lost in my daily life, I decided it needed it’s own space.

Enter 4″ x 4″ tiny binder.

 photo IMGP0027_zpsdsdy2xuy.jpgI’m kind of obsessed with it. I choose to have a hashtag on Instagram this year (#jacquelinelovesadventures) and I knew that I could just quickly print out my pictures as 4×4’s and be ready to stick them in the album – I’m all about simplicity yet I still wanted to tell my stories. photo IMGP0029_zpsttuo1tol.jpgI wrote my intentions at the beginning of the year and have found myself going back to look at them to re-read what I wrote. I’ve been a lot more introspective on my word this year than I have been in the past and I think this is the best way to make sure my goals for the year actually stick.

 photo IMGP0030_zpsyf0njt7q.jpgPart of February’s prompt was to make a vision board. I’m assuming you can tell by this photo but the only magazines that are laying around were bits and pieces of a few wedding ones I bought before the wedding. But marriage is a great adventure, so I wasn’t worried about putting lots of wedding-related things on the board.  photo IMGP0032_zpsigp8caje.jpgThe best. I love that wedding pictures make sense here. photo IMGP0037_zpszlxwu0bj.jpg

These are the only supplies I’m using other than the actual photos and a tape runner. I turned those memorydex monthly tabs into binder tabs that stick out the top by sticking them between the two pictures – simple, gold, and a good way to keep track of each month’s prompts! (Just in case you’re curious, here are all of my supplies: album | page protectors | journaling cards | monthly tabbed cards.)

How is your journey with your word going?


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