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As you may have figured out by now, I have forgone the whole “New Years Resolution” for my one little word of the year (2013: joy, 2014: rooted, 2015: adventure). Near January 1st of each year, I have created a mind map to determine my goals for my word in relation to five categories: physical, emotional, relationships, creative, and spiritual.

As I worked on it this year, I began to notice the vast number of hobbies that I have compared to how many that I practice on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and I feel myself drowning in the many things that I like to do but just don’t have time for. There’s photography, gardening, blogging, reading, running/exercising, painting, art journaling, project lifing, cooking, DIYing, organizing…the list goes on and on. As I was creating this mind map though, I found myself wanting to add more hobbies to the list. But i was like – HOLD UP! Do you really want to add more things? Is there something missing from your life right now? But the thing is, I want to be a life-long learner and love hobbies because, really, you can never master them. Read every book? Nope. Everyone like reading the blog? Doubtful. Do I sometimes kill plants? You bet. See what I mean? It’s like there is never an ending place so they just keep accumulating!

But is it wrong to kick one hobby to the curb so that I can take on something new? How do I pare it down so that I am not so overwhelmed with projects and things that I wish I was doing, because clearly, I can’t be doing all of these hobbies, it’s just not feasible. I keep saying that  I want to SIMPLIFY but what I need to do is make priorities. So this year as I created my mind map, I added numbers next to my bubbles signifying the top priority goals and the ones that I would allow to slip through my fingers. Then I erased a lot.

Instead of having all of these goals and projects that I want to work on, I chose a few specific areas to focus on and then anything beyond that is for recreation only. That means that I will not be upset or feel like a failure in 2015 if I never touch my paints, kill all of my plants, or never create a new DIY project. But here are the things that I am working on:

  • In 2015, I am focusing on my marriage with Kevin and learning (in real life) what the covenant between Jesus and the church looks like. I want to dig deeper into OUR purpose as a married couple in God’s Kingdom. Personally, I want to continue working on my relationship with God so that we can encourage one another to be more like Jesus.
  • In 2015, I am focusing on self care. This means that I will sleep when I’m tired, exercise when I CAN and nourish my body with healthy foods. I will carve out time with God on a daily basis. I will create when I want to. Sometimes these things might mean that I have to say “no” to doing things I don’t have extra time for or cancelling plans without making excuses.
  • In 2015, I will continue to blog and consider where my small business is leading me. I will continue to blog when ideas are coming instead of trying to reach a certain number of posts per year. I want to fill my space with content that I am proud of even if the posts are less frequent.
  • In 2015, I want to adventure. I want to be less afraid of new things and new situations. I want to embrace change and be more present. I want to put down the phone and get outside. I want to be less focused on texts and more focused on laughing.

So that brings me to the question that really helped me chose my word of the year. When was the last time you did something for the first time? This is how I will decide what is an adventure. It doesn’t have to be traveling halfway across the world or eating exotic foods. It’s all about trying new things and being fine with sucking at them.

I’d like to start sharing my adventures on my blog but before I start, I am going to make a list of things to do! It can be something that takes 5 minutes, an hour, a few hours, an entire day or a weekend! I already have a couple things down on my list but I would LOVE some suggestions!


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