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My one little word for this year is adventure.

I’ve known that this would be my word for quite some time. About half-way through 2014, this word whispered itself in my ear and hasn’t really left. The more that I saw it pop up in my life, the more it felt right. It has felt different than my words before and was so easy to embrace. And the more I think about this word and it’s meaning in my life, the deeper of a connection I feel.

I chose this word for many reasons, but knowing that Kevin and I would be getting married in March was one of the biggest ones. Our wedding seems perfectly placed in our journey and I know that it is going to be a new exciting adventure on our road to forever. I’m not really sure how the word will play out just yet, but I know that we love adventures together.

I also want this word to remind me to stay away from the monotonous in all aspects of my life. I read something last year about how the things that fill your day-to-day eventually fill your life. Let me tell you that I don’t want to look back and have my life filled with Facebook and whatever else I do on a daily basis that I’m tired of/don’t like doing. I want to strive to adventure out, mix things up, and embrace change.

I also want to explore finding myself. I want to dig deeper into how I’m wired. I want to really get in touch with how I feel about things and practice thinking before doing. I want to think more with my heart and put important things first. I can see this being visible in the ways of self care, alone time, real foods, exercising, and saying “no” to adding things to my schedule. And maybe, I just need to simplify things a bit.

Obviously, I’m still working through things for myself. I’m not trying to set up unrealistic goals or resolutions, I just want to make my life more meaningful by living fully and deeply.

Here’s to a journey with adventure.

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