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It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through the year (I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately). This is my fourth year choosing One Little Word, but it is my first time documenting it this way. In the past, I’ve tried using the 8 1/2 x 11 page protectors like Ali does, but it just never worked for me. For space reasons, I have never committed to buying a binder of that size, so I tried keeping it in with my Project Life pages, but then it was out of site and out of mind. It only seemed natural when I discovered the traveler’s notebooks to make that the way I document my word this year. I originally was going to go more written journal style, but then some of the photo and collage-style prompts were just calling for some color and fun. So without further ado, here are the first half of my Nourish Traveler’s Notebook!

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January was big month. It always is for One Little Word because that’s when I’m the most on board and the most excited about the word that I’ve chosen. For this one, I was particularly inspired by The Reset Girl and some of her layouts. Even though she does a lot of lists, I always find that her TN layouts to be helpful for setting up embellishments in my standard size. The prompt was all about introducing myself to my word and getting  more acquainted for my goals that were related to it.

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Looking at this page from January makes me realize how much I’ve accomplished in the past six months. This is why documenting these things is worth doing it in a way that works for me.

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I ended up using more pages on January than I had intended, so it worked out perfectly that I could get away with using one page for February. For this prompt, I focused on completing a Bible Journaling Entry in my bible each day. As you can tell by the lack of filled in circles, I didn’t quite make it, but it did become more of a habit that I practiced a few times a week which was more than normal. I’m a very goal-oriented person so I thought that a tracker was going to make me want to cry or pull my hair out but I ended up using it more as a way to document as opposed to push me to do it more often. I thought it helped so much that I decided to put a tracker into my weekly spread in my planner and it’s been working pretty great ever since!

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March consisted of a collage prompt, which always happens to be a helpful visual prompt for me. Having a TN size, helped keep it small for me. I feel like it’s so easy to get carried away clipping every single beautiful picture from a magazine, but I liked that this gave me some confinement to choose only the best ones for my word.

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April was all about how being nourished makes me feel. I just used “I feel nourished when…” over and over again. I like to remind myself of these when I’m having a rough day or I need to reorient myself.

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I was obsessed with the water color on this page (that I had done previous to knowing the prompt) so it was perfect when I found out we were to take pictures of us feeling nourished in May. I left some empty space for those sunset colors.

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June had everything to do with following up on goals and checking in with our progress. I took the worksheets from the e-course and wrote them out as a blog post first. I then paired the words down to two pages of what I wanted to remember for the mini book. I like that it’s all broken up and numbered in some places, that makes me want to actually read it again.

So far, I’ve had a blast documenting my word. I find myself looking forward to that email from Ali on the first of the month letting me know that the new content for the class is up! This style of notebook is really working for me when it comes to my word and I think I’ll be happy in the future that I decided to document it in a smaller format. For the rest of the year, I don’t anticipate changing anything up – if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

How are you documenting your word this year?

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