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In one or two words, your One Little Word experience so far has been: so fulfilling.

What has surprised you most so far this year? The most surprising thing I’ve learned from nourish this year is how  little it has to do with just one aspect of my well being, but all of them combined. I kind of expected to be able to work on a couple things and move on but it’s starting to look like it’s going to be more of a process.

What are you most proud of related to your word? I am most proud of sticking with my word and working on it every single month. I feel so connected to this word in a way that I haven’t with other ones, and I’m happy for that.

Three things you’ve enjoyed about this word (what’s been good, changes made for the better, positive observations):

  • I’ve enjoyed  the amount of grace that this word encourages me to give myself.
  • I feel more encouraged to treat my body better based on how I want it to feel as opposed to how I want it to look.
  • Treating myself with more nourishment often leads to treating others with more as well.

Three challenges you’ve faced related to your word (what’s been difficult, what’s been tougher than you expected):

  • Reminding myself that nourishment means saying no to events and taking more on my plate even if I don’t want to.
  • Creating a nourishing space isn’t always a straight forward or easy process.
  • Nourishing myself isn’t an excuse to splurge on things I don’t need.

Has this word had an impact on your relationship with others (family, friends, etc)? I would say that it has. Two months ago, I spent a lot of the month focusing on the things I was saying to and about other people. This gave me a huge reality check about the content that came out of my mouth and how it affects me and those around me. I’ve noticed that an encouraging and positive conversation about something negative always leads to a better end result and a happier day in general!

Often in this process there are companion words that join us on our way with our words. Are there any specific words that keep popping up in your journey this year? Oh yeah – grace and intentional.

Have you developed any specific practices related to your word? Do you have something you say to yourself over and over or an action you take to help bring your actions in alignment with your word? My favorite practice that I’ve started since focusing on nourish is starting a bullet journal. It took a while to figure out what would work best for me and I love this because it gives me flexibility and grace if I don’t look at it for two weeks. On the other hand, if I have a lot to say and do, I could use up a whole notebook in two weeks and it would be perfectly fine. That’s the best. To help bring my actions into alignment with my word, I often ask myself “is this nourishing?” More often than not, if I’m saying this to myself, I already know the answer.

What is stopping you from fully embracing your word and your intentions for yourself this year? To be completely honest, I think the main thing that is holding me back is how tired I’ve been lately. I often translate being tired to being lazy. After a while of pushing through, I brought it up with my doctor and was able to get some tests done to see if there was a problem. Fortunately, everything came back great so now it’s on me to work on exercise, nutrition, and sleep. I know those three in conjunction can definitely affect how my body feels overall.

What one specific action will you take this month to move you forward? Other than my original goal this month to determine what makes me happy, I’ve started brainstorming ways to document how I’ve slept, how I feel and my dreams in conjunction with slowly cutting out soda and caffeine altogether.

Three things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year (these can come from your previous action items or they can be new actions that have developed or changed over the last few months):

  • Get into a more regular exercise routine.
  • Keep up with journaling, even emotional things.
  • Work on allowing myself to be spontaneous.

Anything else you want to document about your word right now? The main thing I’ve learned so far is that this word keeps me going – it’s never changing and there will probably never be a final moment where I will say, “Great, I’m nourished, now I can move on to the next thing.” On one hand, it’s so liberating, but on the other, there is no defining end point to work toward. Each month, what I need to feel nourished is (and will continue to) change. I need to continue working on being ok with that.


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