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I am so excited to finally share some REALLY exciting news. Over the past year, I have thought long and hard about my passions, goals and the future of this blog. When I made my goals in January, like I do every year, I decided that my most challenging goal would be to create an e-course. As I considered the information that I wanted to share, I realized that it was something for which I needed to be both passionate and knowledgeable. As I started getting into bible journaling, I realized that a lot of people had questions on how and where to begin as well as products and how to use them. After answering these questions a few times, I started to write down my answers. I began writing and recording myself creating art and it inspired people. But God was also working on my heart. This process of creating art in my bible made me want to spend more time with Him, it made me want to dig deeper and love harder. Visually, it helped me to understand and really connect to His divinely inspired words.

But God made me an encourager and the more that people had questions, the more I wanted to help people feel the way that I was now worshiping the Lord. I wanted to reach out to every single person, but on an individual level, it wasn’t realistic. So that is why I have decided to create this four week self-paced course that eases you into this project that will turn into a lifelong way to worship and connect with our individually relational God. My Written Worship course includes general guidelines that I use when creating a page, inspiration, encouragement, tips for photographing/social media, videos, and more!

As I was creating this, though, I realized quickly that it would be very handy for you if I was able to offer a kit that included all of the products that I mention at a discounted price. Plus that would mean that all of the supplies would arrive at your doorstep at the same time as opposed to hunting them down separately. And this was how the starter package was created. This kit comes in two options: one with the journaling bible and one without. That way, you are not excluded if you already have a bible or journal that you want to use. Each kit will include my favorite products as well as my e-course!

These products can be found and purchased HERE along with more information about what each of those products includes.


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